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07 April 09

Continuing my millions of photos from Hong Kong, this is the Hong Kong Museum of History. Though it's a bit dry at the start (lots of rocks, many many prehistoric rocks) it really livens up around the ethnography section and The Opium Wars. The last part of the museum shows replicas of 1960s shops which were my favourite and I'll post pictures of tomorrow.



Absolutely stunning & vibrant pictures! Love the 1st & 4th picture in particular, do you happen to remember what they were? :)

Brigadeiro replied over 14 years ago.

amazing pictures!
The colours are so vibrant!

Stefanie replied over 14 years ago.

the first one with the huge beautiful-beautiful-beautiful collar-y necklace is amazing.

Mallory replied over 14 years ago.

your pictures are wonderful!

Jennifer DeDonato replied over 14 years ago.

Oh wow. Why oh why did I never find this place any of the times I was wandering around HK?
So great. Love your images! Found you via Mlle. Gibson- that supabomba business has totally blown my mind. I work in an antique shop, and am continually finding amazing old photos- but those are just so strangely magical!

Angeliska replied over 14 years ago.

oh my god… your photos make my knees tremble.

annahita replied over 14 years ago.

gosh, thanks very much! x

kris atomic replied over 14 years ago.

Awww, we had to go to that museum so many times in primary school!

I always stared at the brick pillows. “Brick pillows Mum!!” I would say in astonishment – every single time.

e replied over 14 years ago.

No wonder, there were so many kids there when I went!
your blog is nice x

kris atomic replied over 14 years ago.

I have visited a lot of artistic websites but yours absolutely blew my mind. It is totally amazing. There is just so much there – from your adorable, creative sketches to those fantastic tree houses. You’ve got my creative juices flowing. Thank you Dijour Magazine for directing me here.

Linda DuBos replied over 14 years ago.

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