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16 September 08

Let's see now: broderie anglaise, huge block heels, ribbed socks, oversized knits, silk jumpsuits, see-through skirts, tiny leather jackets, nude stockings, visible suspender shorts, frills, silly glasses and layers layers layers. I want one of everything!!!

Photos from style.com, vogue.co.uk and dazed digital via susie. Thank you one and all.



Stunning! I couldn’t walk in shoes like those though, but I like the idea! Love the layering and different textures to create one look.

Anairam replied about 15 years ago.

I love the glasses with the exaggerated bottom lashes! Too fun!

Cynthia replied about 15 years ago.

I guess the things were pretty but when I saw the pictures I was only thinking and beeing disturbed by the thin models! I can’t believe they have enough energy to stand up there and pose when it look like they haven’t eaten anything in months. well, it’s not your fault or anything that they are looking like this but…don’t know…I just needed to comment that. Or am I fat and they normal?:/

saskia replied about 15 years ago.

Gosh, I love this collection! I wanna jump right up and dress like this! Thank you for posting ;D

SecretHeart replied about 15 years ago.

i just did a blog on this.


i really wish i could pull of nerdy glassssssses.

Hazel replied about 15 years ago.

ooooooooh …delish!

...loveMaegan replied about 15 years ago.

Ooooh, the skirts, I want them!

BHH replied about 15 years ago.

Ahh, this is so fabulous! The blond in the dorky glasses looks like me without make-up. :) Thank you for posting!


Doe Deere Blogazine replied about 15 years ago.

The shoes are divine, especially when it ‘s mixed with socks. I love all i’ve seen



Heïdi replied about 15 years ago.

Very cool!

Sofia replied about 15 years ago.

i love your blog for the nice pictures you post and your beautiful creations. But i don’t know… do you REALLY all think that these shoes and glasses are cool? i mean, even without thinking about the pratical aspect of things, i can’t convince myself that a girl can look beautiful with such massive shoes and glasses!!! but maybe i’m missing something… and maybe i’m the only one here who cares about proportions and harmony!! Because wether we are a “normal” size or a painfully skinny girl, what do we want?! I prefer glances of desire than amazement from people secretly waiting for me to stumble and fall from the incredible height of my skyscrapers like plateform shoes ;) but i do love the look and layers of silky fabrics of the dresses…

Nora replied about 15 years ago.

Well, I wouldn’t wear those shoes on a trip to the shops or something, but I’d definitely wear them! I love high shoes, the higher the better.
These are two of my favourite pairs of shoes, so…

I thought the glasses were cute too. I don’t think any part of this collection is that outlandish or over the top. I think it’s all really wearable (well, I’d layer the see-through skirts).
I think the girls in the show look beautiful! I think it just comes down to your personal style and likes :)

kris atomic replied about 15 years ago.

I have a pair of wedges like the first picture you posted, pictured here:

I know, awkward position. But mine are from some random shop in South Korea and the wedge is not actual wood.

As for the heels in the post, I absolutely adore them. I’m starting to see a trend with the whole square heels.

connie replied about 15 years ago.

*oops! The picture of my heels that resemble yours are here:

connie replied about 15 years ago.

Wow, The shoes!
I would want to try them but I think they would be to dangerous for me lol.
I like your aldo shoes above^, I have them too but the heel is black. They are my favorite pair and can walk miles in them:)

zuzupetal replied about 15 years ago.

your two pairs of shoes are great! i would wear them too… anyway if everyone loved the same things and looked the same, life would be boring!

Nora replied about 15 years ago.

LOVING the glasses!

joanna goddard replied about 15 years ago.

oh wow!! looooooooove the glasses. so cute!

stevanny replied about 15 years ago.

I love the frames!!!!

Johanne replied about 15 years ago.


Raphaelle replied almost 13 years ago.

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