A quiet day on Nevsky Prospect

22 September 08

I just remembered that there are lots of photos from Russia that I never posted, so here are a few more.

Nevsky Prospect is one of Russia's most famous streets and St Petersburg's main thoroughfare. On our last day, the road was closed for resurfacing and open only to pedestrians. It was so weird to see it used by people with umbrellas, not bumper to bumper traffic!


Having seen Nevsky Prospekt choked up with traffic the first and second pictures are totally surreal. You were pretty lucky to see it like that!

Anna replied about 15 years ago.

how cool! dostoevsky mentions that place a lot in his works, and i want to visit it solely for that reason.

(ps. i came across your blog through some lj community, in case you were wondering. :])

Joanne replied about 15 years ago.

The depth to these shots is amazing! I love how you can see miles down the road and into the fogginess. Blown out skies aren’t a problem for you, clearly!

Kim replied about 15 years ago.

i am always in complete envy of your photos!

Hazel replied about 15 years ago.

i love the last one with the army of road flatteners
nevsky prospect is mental, the roads are so wide, i love how they’ve buckled and worn down from all the cars passing over them
did you know that the streets in moscow were widened so they could fit a fighter jet down them? scary huh.

Rosa replied about 15 years ago.

Really love these shots from Russia. You wouldn’t want to share anymore would you? You’re keeping my spirit alive whilst i study chemistry and biomed.
From all the way in Sydney, Australia.

Lyndi replied almost 15 years ago.

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Veenaiahue replied about 11 years ago.

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