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25 May 08

Since getting my lovely miu miu I've been a bit obsessed with its perfect beigey-pinkey-purpley colour. I only recently noticed that I was constantly drawn to similar shades, but it's cropping up everywhere! I guess it's spring, so it's fitting to be embracing a bit of pink anyway.

dress from New Look, I've been wearing it as a skirt, with plain tshirts and grey tights.

shoes from Carvela, I can walk miles in these all day! They're so great.

tights from Falke

Shu Uemura blusher

even my tea is pink themed! Ridiculous.

here are some of my pink flickr favourites:

1. Untitled, 2. when I`m 64, 3. Untitled, 4. day45,
5. beta and paris hilton, 6. pink plush balloon dog, 7. Life is a cabaret, 8. pink and white,
9. 0201, 10. tulip, 11. Swedish russian yoghurt, 12. Sisters,
13. Marie Claire Idées - fabric plates, 14. 070422dress.jpg, 15. pinkballoons, 16. work space

This will be me soon:

Amazing photos from The Pink Project by JeongMee Yoon. I also found this article about the abundance of pink aimed at little girls, which is an interesting read. I never really liked pink when I was little!


I’ve been loving the gray-ed lilacs, pinks, blues…ect. they’re so soft and beautiful, and look great with my fair skin (which I see you also have)

That bag is absolutely amazing, and so are those shoes!

Laura replied almost 15 years ago.

Yum! The colors in this post are so delicious!

And I’m loving the shoes & the dress/skirt. I’m thinking you have a shoe closet I’d love to raid…

Ashe Mischief replied almost 15 years ago.

muted pinks & lilacs are lovely.

whittard’s teas! that’s one of the top 10 things i miss about england.

Emilie replied almost 15 years ago.

I love those tights. :)

Lil replied almost 15 years ago.

I always love purples. I got this great bag that is a wonderful shade of purple, ever since I have grown purple flowers, found purple glasses & bought other similiar purple items.

I also love the colours you have above. You look very soft and beautiful in that photo.


zuzupetal replied almost 15 years ago.

Wow, those rooms hurt my eyes!

Melanie replied almost 15 years ago.

also, did you notice that in the galleries, Dora the Explorer is in pretty much every room?

Melanie replied almost 15 years ago.

Hi Kris,
I love your blog. Your artwork is fantastic! I also love your outfit choices!
I would love to see pictures of you carrying your miu miu bag!

M replied almost 15 years ago.

Love the dress/skirt. And your hair is dreamy! It looks so healthy too, especially for bleached hair. How do you keep it healthy and so white?!

Kate replied almost 15 years ago.

Kate – My hair is pretty healthy because when I bleached it the first time it had never been dyed before. Bleaching on virgin hair is always miles better. I’ve had it bleached by the same awesome hairdresser for years now too. I’m a big advocate for professional bleaching. Plus I don’t wash it excessively and do lots of deep conditioning. Ta da!

M – thank you my dear! I will try to get some pictures holding the miu soon :)

Melanie – I didn’t notice that, no. I only spotted a ton of hello kitty! That’s interesting though, I know nothing about Dora but she must be doing well!

zuzupetal – thank you so much! my best friend is pretty obsessed with purple and lilac :)

Lil – they are my favourites! I’ve got them in grey too and they’re so cozy and warm. Just what you need in British spring!

Emilie – I love Whittards soo much, I’m in there every week.
I just looked at your blog and it looks fun! Obvs I can’t read it, but I enjoyed the pictures ;)

Ashe Mischief glad you like it! you actually just reminded me that I need to tidy up my shoes cupboard. They’re all crammed in and sad looking :(

Laura – fair skin ftw! though it does make finding foundation a bloody nightmare. x

kris atomic replied almost 15 years ago.

I can’t say enough how jealous I am of your shoes and your miu miu bag and everything. You have an amazing sence of style!!

P.S. You’ve inspired me to start blogging again! :D

Amanda replied almost 15 years ago.

Wow! Those pictures of the little girls’ rooms are scary! Thank you for the article! It was a very interesting read! Since my best friend had a little girl I’ve realized the same thing, it’s nearly impossible to find any girls’ clothes that are not pink. It’s horrible (especially since I never liked that baby pink colour that’s omnipresent now.) With some dedication it’s possible to find some nice “neutral” clothes in white, brown, red, blue or green that don’t have any princess OR pirate logos on them. (Although I’ve been guilty of using hot pink accents on some clothes I sewed for my friend’s daughter …) I can’t believe that girls just automatically pick that colour. When I was little my favourite colour was blue and my friend’s was yellow. It’s interesting to think that now girls have to be head to toe pink in order not to “stick out”. How boring and limiting! It also makes me think that now you have to be a “girly girl” in order to be a “real girl”. I think thanks to that article I’ll try even more now to avoid the pink overload when choosing a girl’s gift.

Eva replied almost 15 years ago.

Actually, the boy blue pics are just as scary …

Eva replied almost 15 years ago.

oh! i am in love with yr dress!

softspoken replied almost 15 years ago.

this blog gets more and more exciting by the day!
I’m definitely a Whittard lover as well, it’s so much better than Twinings imo, too bad it’s the best I can find here when my stock of Whittard tea ends.

This is quite a long shot but since you mentioned it, can I ask you what foundation do you use? because I’m in the exact phase when I live the nightmare of not finding any.

Stella replied almost 15 years ago.

I love your blog and most of all your photos. What kind of lens do you use (im not sure if lens is the right word.. but i mean camera and everything there is to it). love

sarah replied almost 15 years ago.

oh, thats my picture (“0201”)!
how nice that you like it.

Emilie replied almost 15 years ago.

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