25 May 08

Colin has recently started an A+ blog featuring his photos, drawings and a bit of Hyacinth Bucket.
These illustrations are from "A book about unusual things that happened in my house growing up' and I like them a lot.


hyacinth bucket! haha. LOVE her. these drawings are great. going to check out the blog now…

my love for you. replied almost 15 years ago.


what an original blog you have, congratulation

i am the street style photo romancer of Paris. That means i try to humanize fashion by telling the story of my photos on the street and during the fashion week
and more and more people love that new street style vision.

by the way, if you are a fan of Sex and the City / Sarah Jessica Parker, i just met her this week in Paris and did some great shots.
of course i put the photos on my blog ! héhé
enjoy and let’s keep in touch and even switching links

street style romancer in Paris

Style and the City - Paris replied almost 15 years ago.

it’s now, should anyone care ;) ;) (i googled idk whatever and this was like the first result!)

colin replied about 13 years ago.

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