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05 March 08

A lot of people have been asking me what camera I use, so here it is. It's a Canon 5d with Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM lens. If you have any other camera questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

I also recently bought a Canon IXUS 70 for about a hundred quid, just to carry around in my bag and take drunken facebook pictures of my friends in bars. I've got a very dull semi-daily flickr for the IXUS here.



Like I said on Flickr, I wish I could justify (and afford) buying a posh camera like yours. I’d love to try one out and see what it was like.

Lil replied over 15 years ago.

Ah you do have the nicest clothes and hair. You’re big camera is amazing.

sarie replied over 15 years ago.

oops your, not you’re :S

sarie replied over 15 years ago.

you are ridiculously cute. i love your hair.

joanna goddard replied over 15 years ago.

Thank you SO much! I know you’d mentioned it before, but I couldn’t remember for the life of me!

lauren replied over 15 years ago.

You are so pretty! How often do you carry around your Canon 5D with you?

Rose replied over 15 years ago.

thank you! I carry it around quite a lot actually. It does get a bit heavy though! x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

yes, you are ridiculously cute!!! your hair is perfection.

how do you make the white in your photos so gorgeously white?

Jo replied over 15 years ago.

Thanks for posting this. I’d been wondering which lens you use.

yulanda replied over 15 years ago.

I cannot stop looking at that last photo of you! That dress suits you amazingly well, with your skin, red lips and hair. Gorgeous!

Katrin replied over 15 years ago.

I just wonder how you get your photos so bright with such soft light. How do you do it? Is it photoshop, or is it just skills with the camera? Amazing anyways.

Karin replied over 15 years ago.

I shoot in RAW and use Digital Photo Professional to tweak the exposure, white balance and curves if necessary. Then I take it to photoshop and resize and resharpen. That’s it! Hope that answers your question :)

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

gah, I keep forgetting how amazing your blog is

your hair is so pretty

Linda replied over 15 years ago.

i just bought an olympus E 510, it was between that and a canon. i hadn’t realised how hard it would be to get used to, i hadn’t gotten very far photography wise anyway but it feels like starting from scratch again, frustration! but your blog is uber inspiring, thanks :)

katie-lilga replied over 15 years ago.

gasp – you are so lovely… i’ve always (and i mean for something like tne years now?) wanted to go white white blonde with my hair… but when you’r enaturally redhead, there is a lot of fear involved going back to your real color.. grin.

loving your gorgeous blog – those recent natural history shots especially! (my shop is named after such delights… )


Jenny replied over 15 years ago.

Do you modify any of the images on Photoshop with textures, color filters, etc? If so what is your process? You have a soft frothy quality to your photos which i love!

Lisa replied over 15 years ago.

Nope, no textures or colour filters. I do the majority of editing in Digital Photo Professional on the RAW files. I think white balance and exposure are the main things really. I sometimes boost some colours (more red, less yellow generally) when doing colour balance, then just resize and sharpen. x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

so beautiful!

Karen replied over 15 years ago.

i wondered the same thing a few other people above are — how do you get your photos to look so crisp and white? even things that aren’t white are just so bright and nice. is it photoshop or a setting on the camera i don’t know about? haha.

sarah replied over 15 years ago.

rock on yulia timoshchenko!

eeeeeee replied over 15 years ago.

Hello there,
I’m about to buy my first reflex camera ever, and I was just wondering if having a stabilized lens is really useful? Because a lot of my friends have the Canon 400D so I’d rather like buying something I can ask my friends about if I’m lost, but on the other hand all the people I meet tell me to buy the Nikon D60 because the lens is stabilized… And as a newcomer I have to say that I’m confused!

I hope you’d understand what I am saying (I’m french, and far from being fluent in English!)
Then, I’d like to say that even though I don’t comment a lot, I really enjoy your work, I give a look at your blog everyday and I love it! Great art, great clothes… PERFERCTION!


Elodie replied over 15 years ago.

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