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05 March 08

You can't keep me away from a good illustrated children's book and this one is great! Sorry about the silly camera angles, I didn't want to spoil the story.

(written by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts)



Wow, those are definately lovely!

Jerome replied over 15 years ago.

right. Sorry for the double comments.

Jerome replied over 15 years ago.

I like these, especially the font in the first one, the black works well against the lighter image.

Lil replied over 15 years ago.

Just found your blog, so hope you don’t mind me wandering in… That book looks lovely! I have a bigbigbig fetish for children’s books so I’ll have to check that one out. It looks like it has a happy ending. That’s always nice.

Brigid replied over 15 years ago.

These illustrations are fabulous! And I’m sure the story matches it, as well. Thank you so much for sharing this :)

lauren replied over 15 years ago.

oh, i wonder if you can get it danish. its wonderful

mette replied over 15 years ago.

Wow, this is definitly very inspiring. I love the colours, the cute little characters and all of the details. I kind of want children so I can bring them up on beautiful items like this, although you dont have to be a kid to enjoy this book


Rachel replied over 15 years ago.

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