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17 March 08

I've been in Davos, Switzerland for a week without the internet, which was quite horrific. The world is a terrifying place without google, especially with my crap german skills. But enough of my first world problems! It's lovely here, snowing like mad every day and very picturesque.


You are quite the jet setter i have to say, Russia, switzerland, Japan, Youre one lucky girl

carlos replied about 15 years ago.

I like seeing photos of your travels, you’ve always been somewhere exciting!

Lil replied about 15 years ago.

smile I could have played your translator any time! Ich hoffe, ihr hattet eine schöne Zeit in der Schweiz, liebe Grüße, tippytoe

tippytoe replied about 15 years ago.

this looks beautiful. i am loving your switzerland photo. xo

joanna goddard replied about 15 years ago.

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