With the help of a bowl of cherries...

16 June 08

I just spent five hours of my life trying to make threaded comments and emailed replies work on the blog and finally! It works. I used the Wordpress Thread Comment Plugin and my clever boyfriend helped me rewrite the CSS and I feel a little smarter now than I did this morning. Hurrah! Anyone can reply to any comment, but only my replies are emailed to the commenter (I thought this was safest so nobody gets spammed or anything nasty).

There are a few other blog things I'm working on, but I'll tell you about those when they're done!



that’s so great!congrats for the achievement :D
I have to try this plugin too, it would be very uselful!!
do you had to do many changes in the CSS? I’ve been a while since I did my blog and I don’t remember that code at all hehe ;-)

mademoiselleflo replied over 15 years ago.

Yes, we had to basically rewrite the CSS, or the replies wouldn’t match the look of the normal comments. It was tricky, but not too bad once I understood what was going on!
Good luck! x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Those cherries look so delicious! Also, thanks for the link to this plugin! I think I will see if I can do that for my own blog. :]

P.S. I love your blog.

Emily Abigail replied over 15 years ago.

Cool, I love new discoveries! I’m going to try converting my static website into flash and all sorts of fanciness later on tonight. I was really inspired by this girl’s navigation: http://plaza.ufl.edu/ariella0/

Melanie replied over 15 years ago.

Oh that website doesn’t work for me :( I’ll be keeping an eye on your site to see how it goes though! x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

I think she took it down :(

Melanie replied over 15 years ago.

Yum Cherries! I can’t wait till our trees are full of them:)

zuzupetal replied over 15 years ago.

Cool! Those cherries do look yummy.

Ammu replied over 15 years ago.

i’ve missed your posts! :-)

lin replied over 15 years ago.

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