20 June 08

Oh yes, I'm still a bit obsessed with bunting. This is another painting I did for the Utopia series, but lately I've been shoving in a bit of bunting anywhere I can. From my sketchbook, to an irl garden party for my grandma's 80th birthday, nowhere is safe.
This also reminded me of these photos that I took while speeding past on a train to Zurich back in march. I never posted them at the time so here they are. Alas, slightly out of season.



Candy replied over 15 years ago.

the flag things! I suppose they’re called something different in other countries?

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Wow you’re really really good! Got your blog from a friend who saw my new blog , and she thought I would get inspiried by your work and damn she was right! I’m not as good as you though.

Denize replied over 15 years ago.

Hi Kris, new visitor who also has thing for bunting. I saw some in a catalogue for a compnay called bishopston trading who imort fair trade cotton clothes, and was like, wow what a great idea (the bunting alhtough fair trade is good too). A friend brought some prayer flags back from Nepal for me, which are like bunting :o)

I’m going to make some of my own from scaps of fabric…

TP replied over 15 years ago.

You are so good that I just dont know were to go, what to say or what to do. That good girl!

Kajsa replied over 15 years ago.

so that is your switzerland house???

alex replied over 15 years ago.

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