A few more from Utopia series

18 June 08



Wooow! So beautiful! Do you use pencil for the hair?

Sofia replied almost 12 years ago.

thank you! yep, pencil over watercolur for the hair. x

kris atomic replied almost 12 years ago.

oh, i love these slim, ackwardly bent fingers on the last one. a little bit scary, yet erm.. eternal.

Mimi replied almost 12 years ago.

I enjoy the first dress, its very miu miu :]

carlos replied almost 12 years ago.

Thank you for answering my question! You inspire me a lot. I enjoy reading your blog and love all the eye candy. I sometimes go back and look at the christmas post, * sigh* it is all so beautiful…

This is a bit weird but I love “your girls” so much because their smiles are reminiscent of my daughters smile! The shape of the mouth or something, can’t explain it!

Love from Sweden

Sofia replied almost 12 years ago.

haha i want all of the clothes that you draw. they’re so cute!

Amanda replied almost 12 years ago.

I love your blog, your so clever making stuff! A real inspiration :)

Tamsin replied over 11 years ago.

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