The overnight train

31 July 08

We took a train from Moscow to St Petersburg which takes about 8 hours and infinitely less stress than flying. We got plenty of tea and snacks on board and I even managed six hours sleep (fairly impressive as there was constant banging and rattling from the train, plus I slept on the top bunk and clung to the side in fear of flying off the edge). All in all, A+ would do again!


what a wonderful train! The outside looks pretty average whereas the inside is awesome! I would have loved to travel in this train!
But I always enjoy flying, and a train from the French Riviera to London… NONE! I would have to take 2 trains, and none of them are as beautiful as this russian train!

Hope you had fun while you were in Russia,


Elodie replied over 14 years ago.

These are so beautiful! I love the colour and I love the train stations!

Helen replied over 14 years ago.

Goodness, those tea glasses are gorgeous!

And I like taking trains more than planes too, I like scenic routes.

Mabel replied over 14 years ago.

Those tea glasses are beautiful! I have seen them in Russian contexts before. I wonder where there is a Russian store around here in NYC

Johanna replied over 14 years ago.

There are a lot of Russian stores in Brooklyn. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Brighton, but it is swimming with Russian-ness. There are a bunch of store there. From Kings Highway to Brighton on the Q line, there is a good amount of Russian people, so there are bound to be stores that sell that kind of stuff. I would check Brighton first, then King Highway. :)

Yelena replied over 14 years ago.

Thanks so much! I just saw this now. I actually went to Brighton Beach recently with my boyfriend, and the thought didn’t even cross my mind! I must return. These are just too beautiful.

Johanna replied over 14 years ago.

I love the night and the morning shot of outside of the train. The last shot reminds me of Harry Potter! :)

Denise replied over 14 years ago.

My god, 2008 has been the year that I embraced trains, beginning on New Years with the declaration that should my friend and I ever start a band, we’d name it Locomotive Hootenanny Television. I think the name alone would carry us into mass popularity! But, alas, trains aren’t very popular in America, so I don’t get to ride them as much as I would wish. (In fact, if we’re being honest, I’ve only ever been on some when I was outside the country! Unless subway trains count.)

elizabeth replied over 14 years ago.

wow, your camera is fabulous in low light! the colours in the first picture are sublime. I would love to take an overnight train, it would feel like such an adventure.

Charlotte replied over 14 years ago.

This really makes me want to take a train ride. I use togo on them as a kid but there is none around here anymore.

zuzupetal replied over 14 years ago.

just like a poirot!

Kate replied over 14 years ago.

Wow…this takes me back straigh to my childhood. Each time we went to visit my grandparents we took the train…the tea glasses, kurochka, and buterbrodi,it was so fun:)

Too bad we don’t have a long distanses to go to here in Israel…the longest train ride is about 4 hours :(

Anna replied over 14 years ago.

This is lovely, I would love to go on this train! It’s so cute :] It makes me feel like I’m in one of my favorite childhood stories.

Lani replied over 14 years ago.

The night train looks quite luxurious from your pictures (they’re beautiful by the way). I remember going from Paris to Florence a couple of years ago on a night train and felt the same way about it as you do: a hell of a lot less stressful than flying and quite romantic. I loved it!
Those tea glasses are pure delight!

July replied over 14 years ago.

o!the tea glass holders…gave me an unpleasant flashback to me childhood,haha! no matter how cute,they are ebil.

kasiu replied over 14 years ago.

wow. i have to do this one day!

yumna replied over 14 years ago.

Oh my, just like the setting of an Agatha Christie! I like the tea cups and the curtains!

strawbee replied over 14 years ago.

How exciting!! I love travelling by train, I think it’s a lot more exciting and you can pretend you are in a movie from the 1940’s!

Penny replied over 14 years ago.

i love your pictures! may i ask you what camera and lens you’re using?

Maryam replied over 14 years ago.

thanks! I use a canon 5d and 50mm 1.4 lens :)

kris atomic replied over 14 years ago.

my God! your blog is AMAZIIIING. i love your pictures- everyone single one of them! <3

fashionispoison replied over 14 years ago.

i honestly think those train photos are fantastic! would you ever put them on your etsy? i took the exact train a few years ago! x

char replied over 14 years ago.

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