07 July 08

We arrived in Moscow this afternoon and headed straight out to eat because the BA inflight meals were stranger and more terrible than ever. We went to Yolki-Palki (apparently translated as "fiddlesticks") which is a chain serving fairly cheap russian foods, with a fun interior and stuffed chickens all over the place. My mum had the zakuski buffet and I had pelmeni, both of which were delicious. Afterwards we went for a walk around Red Square and to GUM to stock up on russian chocolate. Completely different to UK/US chocolate, but I love the stuff since I ate it when I was little. Photos from GUM tomorrow as I'm going to flop in to bed with my Vogue Russia and do some very very slow reading!

possibly the most s/s '08 on-trend chocolate wrappers ever.



i’m glad you’re blogging from russia, i will eagerly anticipate more!

Laura replied almost 15 years ago.

Oh wow, do you remember quite a bit of Russian? What age did you move to England?
I’m so jealous of bilingual people, including my nine year old cousin who speaks Chinese at home, has learnt full English since moving back here from France, and can still remember some French.

Kimberley replied almost 15 years ago.

I understand pretty much everything and can talk ok. My reading is slooow and my writing is practically non-existent. I left Russia at nine, so it’s to be expected :( My mum and I speak a kind of russian-english hybrid to each other! x

kris atomic replied almost 15 years ago.

oh wow! amazing pictures (as always), really makes me feel like I’m right there with you! Hope you have a great time and I’m looking forward to the updates from your trip…

famapa replied almost 15 years ago.

lovely pictures! everything looks so amazing over there.

thruyourveins replied almost 15 years ago.

Those are the best candy wrappers I have seen:)

zuzupetal replied almost 15 years ago.

oh wow!! look at all those typography. wonderful.

stevanny replied almost 15 years ago.

очень необычно смотреть на москву глазами иностранца) красиво, спасибо!

kikko-karton replied almost 15 years ago.

да,очень красивые фотографии,только раздражает что такие глупые кадры типа сломанных автобусов и лады…стыдно..а ещё эти ретро -продукты..только в гуме и елисеевском остались…аккурат для туристов;)

Irina replied almost 15 years ago.

I like the broken busses and ladas better than any ugly 4×4 Lexus to be honest. I take photos of things I like and regardless of the fact I come from Russia I AM still a tourist here! I don’t think it’s my job to provide an accurate photographic commentary on Russian culture today…

kris atomic replied almost 15 years ago.

хотите сказать, в москве нет сломанных автобусов и старых автомобилей лада? или они есть, но их не должны видеть туристы?
самое интересное в чужом городе – если тебе удалось увидеть его таким, какой он есть, “во всей полноте”, а не только его парадную часть
а ретропродукты интересны не только туристам
мне вот тоже было приятно найти некоторые памятные с дества баночки и коробочки
такое маленькое ретропутешествие
и сделано красиво
а почему бы нет??

masha.rebublik replied almost 15 years ago.

Now you made me wanna visit Russia too….. :)

Zelda replied almost 15 years ago.

Wow, great photos. Those wrapping papers are rather fabulous too. I tried reading French Elle recently but wasn’t too successful so far. I still love magazines from different countries though.

Lil replied almost 15 years ago.

You really have to tell me where to go to have good food in Moscow. My boyfriend is from Moscow, and his family from somewhere near Izhevsk, we went to Perm and Peter as well together, and at the end of the trip, I was dying to explain people that if I was cooking, it wasn’t to please them, but because I didn’t want to die of hunger.
I had everything: half-rotten pelmeni, uncooked shashliki, undercooked you-name-it, over greasy shto-to from Belarus restaurant…
And when I ate at my bf’s father’s place, he cooked something involving mutton testicles and was very amused by it. By the end of the trip – nearly two months – I was suriving only on Alenka chocolate.
So, any recommendations on worthy restaurants will be duly followed next time I go there!

Gaelka replied almost 15 years ago.

it’s a pity you had this food disaster in your trip
actually there’re plenty of great food places in moscow, if you know where to go
(and plenty of food nightmare also, no doubt)
i’ve posted a long comment earlier in this blog, but to put it short: Krizis Zhanra, Prostye Veschi, Mayak, Correa’s, Kofemania, Volkonsky, Le Pain Quotidien, Shesh-Besh

masha.rebublik replied almost 15 years ago.

I love these pictures, especially the soup with the dumplings and chive: it looks absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from your trip …

July replied almost 15 years ago.

The food market looks amazing!!!!
I so hungry right now! haha

Penny replied almost 15 years ago.

I wish I could go to Moscow…I went there when I was 5 years old with my family so I don’t remember much (we lived in Russia then)…my mom is in Moscow now, and my boyfriend is going there on 14th…seems like everybody are going to Moscow…:) Have fun there:)

Anna replied almost 15 years ago.

your are very good at photographing russia too! i remember the russian vogues i brought home when i was there -looked through them so many times as a teenager -even if i did not understand a word

mette/ungt blod replied almost 15 years ago.

lovely photos – smooth and colourful
and i see you’ve been to GUM Gastronom#1 (one of moscow novelties by the way – most of local citizens haven’t been there yet! %), great you did
am a bit surprised with Elki-Palki – wonder why did you choose it – was it upon someone’s advice? :))

masha.rebublik replied almost 15 years ago.

Hah, Yolki-Palki was near and I was dying of hunger! My mum had been there before though, the buffet thing is pretty convenient for her as she’s a vegan :)

kris atomic replied almost 15 years ago.

That clear soup with the little dumplings (?) looks so good, especially with the herbs over it. Gosh, I really want to try russian food!

My jaw dropped when I read that those floral things were chocolate wrappers. Amazing.

Domina replied almost 15 years ago.

БУТЕРБРОДНАЯ has very specific smell of sausage=)

retro ))

Irina replied almost 15 years ago.

At first I thought the chocolate wrappers were tampons… woops.

lyinginmydiary replied almost 15 years ago.

oooo, i wish i had some pelmeni right now. i miss russian food.

Jo replied over 14 years ago.

They still have Elle Girl in Russia! Fantastic

Gabrielle replied over 14 years ago.

I always see Russian Vogue here (I live in Norway, though whether that constitutes ‘almost neighbours’ I’m not quite sure) and wish that I could make sense of it! Norway has no Vogue, and neither does Sweden or Denmark, which I could understand at a push, and so I am stranded unless I want to pay £10 for the British version! (which would seem terribly uncultured whilst living away from the UK, finally.)
I really enjoy reading your blog! I shall certainly continue to do so :)

Rosie replied over 14 years ago.

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