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05 August 08

This time the photos are from a completely normal bog-standard Russian supermarket, where actual real Russians shop, so no-one can accuse me of inaccurately portraying the lives of ordinary citizens or whatever.

The animal biscuits and condensed milk below were my absolute favourite things when I was little. Together, ideally!


hi, i just found your blog somehow, maybe through your flickr, and i love your photos and drawings. i’m especially loving your photos of russia. i was only in russia for a month ten years ago, but it made a big impression on me, and i miss it a lot. i loved the overnight trains, especially. thank you so much for your photos, and keep up the good work!

Jo replied over 14 years ago.

Oh so delicious!

I remember eating Russian sweets when I was little. My grandparents were friends with the ambassadors of Russia, and they brought me Russian chocolates in abundance. They were delectable. I’m going to Moscow and St. Petersburg next summer, and I am definitely getting many of those!

Marko replied over 14 years ago.

When I was little my godmother worked at a sweet factory and used to bring round huge bags of Russian sweets :)
I hope you enjoy your trip! x

kris atomic replied over 14 years ago.

Lucky you! I only got the chance to eat those candies like twice in my life, but the taste of them was so different and delicious that I never forgot it! I especially enjoyed the ones that were filled with some kind of mousse/jelly.

And thank you! I am sure I will enjoy the trip, I cannot wait! :D

Marko replied over 14 years ago.

I think I love these in-store shots the most from your adventuring. They remind me so much of my recent trip to NYC, and being in all the unfamiliar stores and markets that make your eyes go wide at the turn of every aisle!

Also, in the first shot— the third package from the right— is that divinity?

Kim replied over 14 years ago.

oh these look so yummy! This is so cool, I want to go to Russia just because of this xD

Lani replied over 14 years ago.

I absolutely love foreign supermarkets. Is it wrong they make me excited?

Helen replied over 14 years ago.

Not at all! x

kris atomic replied over 14 years ago.

Whenever I visit a new country I love to immerse myself in the nearest local supermarket, a feast for the eyes … But I usually get into trouble for taking pictures!

July replied over 14 years ago.

yeah me to, I always get in trouble when shooting in the supermarket or in a store, even If I kindly ask for it.
How do you do?

alex replied over 14 years ago.

I generally go for the quiet and covert approach! Make sure you have any beeps on your camera turned off (and no flash of course) and just hope for the best. Sometimes people don’t mind, sometimes they tell me to stop. x

kris atomic replied over 14 years ago.

I love the photos as much as I love supermarkets. It’s sad that we’re not allowed to take photos inside shops here.

Ley replied over 14 years ago.

Nice pictures! I love candies! They are packed like meat (well… In France), that’s so funny!

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here is a link to the post I talk about :

Hope you’d enjoy


Elodie replied over 14 years ago.

I LOVE it!

Sofia replied over 14 years ago.

All that styrofoam packaging… :(

But gosh, I want to eat all the things in the first picture especially – are those biscuit fingers covered in chocolate? And I spy turkish delight, oh yum!

Domina replied over 14 years ago.

I was born and raised in St Petersburg and you are exactly right, the animal crackers and condensed milk are a kids favorite, including myself. I love your representation of these two marvelous cities.

Alisa replied over 14 years ago.

Always so enjoyable when abroad is going to a local supermarket as everything’s different from what you’re used to buying.

Maikki replied over 14 years ago.

I love the packaging! I love how everything is in those polystyrene trays and the biscuits are in bags. I think it’s so much more attractive than the oodles of gaudy coloured plastic and boxes that all our food comes wrapped in.

Charlotte replied over 14 years ago.

hi. i’m interested in russia recently so so happy to see some pics which r about normal life there. love them^o^

wei replied over 14 years ago.

i want to go back home (russia) so bad. i was born in tver and every picture of russia, esp.. yours makes me want to go back.

Natalia Grozina replied over 14 years ago.

mmm… now I want to eat animal crackers.

stacy replied over 14 years ago.

i am loving this so much!
i love supermarket pictures, and maybe i shoulnt cause i work at one

maria replied over 14 years ago.

Ah yes us russians know this too well…haha :P

I love the round “sushki” things (under the animal biscuits). Shame I haven’t eaten any of that in ages because according to my parents it’s all very ‘unhealthy’.

Dina replied over 14 years ago.

amazing photographs!

...loveMaegan replied over 14 years ago.

I have just read all your posts about your trip in Russia ! What a beautiful journey ! I did exactly the same in August 2007 ;-)

So, thanks a lot for all your beautiful pictures ! They have reminded me the most beautiful trip I’ve ever done in my life !

Thanks for the Gum, the Hermitage, Peterhof … Even if there are not pictures of everything … only the names make me smile. And the picture of metro : “astarojna …” !!!! :-)

Spassiba Bolchoï

Marie replied over 14 years ago.

[…] More Russian food: KrisAtomic. […]

Weekly Glee - Russian Edition » replied over 14 years ago.

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