Off the wall, Russia

01 August 08

"REMOVE FAT FROM STOMACH AND HIPS" is what the above poster offers!
p.s. thanks for all the comments about Matilda! I will pass on the compliments to the kitty in question.


Kudos to you for spotting the emo-binning stencil. Hilarious! x

Aimee Marie replied over 14 years ago.

i love your blog, my compliments!!!

kosenrufu mama replied over 14 years ago.

The emo thing is oh so fun!
and the last one is… IMPRESSIVE!

I love the way you catch some everyday life things and make people look at it more than they usually do! This is a talent that not so many have!!!


Elodie. replied over 14 years ago.

This made me laugh a little bit!
I love that little pink poster in the first picture, I was just talking about different body types too.
You’re blog is very inspiring and cute :D thank you~

Lani replied over 14 years ago.

I noticed that newspapers in the UK always advertise cheaper lipo or breast enlargements in Eastern Europe or Russia … Hehehehe …

July replied over 14 years ago.

russia is so beautful. even their animal crackers are gorgeous.
you capture such gerat stuff!

Hazel replied over 14 years ago.

First of all, I adore your photos and your illustrations, as everyone else. Your work is utterly inspirational. If you don’t mind me asking, I wonder if you dye your hair, and if so, what products you use to keep that pure white-ish blonde color, it’s so beautiful.

emmy replied over 14 years ago.

I’m Russian so I could read the notice straightaway, I thought it was hilarious! Thanks for making my day.

Dina replied over 14 years ago.

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