Silly sketchbook

09 April 08


I think i see a lovely moleskin there :)

Those sketches are sweet, the characters all have really adorable expressions

Rachel replied over 15 years ago.

I remember putting paperclips on my teeth when I was little because I wanted braces SO BADLY. But, although I was a thumb-sucker WAY beyond the normal years, I never had to have them.

I’m pretty thankful now, though, haha!

Cute drawings, agreed with Rachel – they have adorable expressions.

catherine replied over 15 years ago.

MM I spy a moleskine..

Elle replied over 15 years ago.

you have a really original style of drawing!

sooz replied over 15 years ago.

sometimes people’s scetchbooks are as interesting, or even more impressive than their final work : D

Isabelle replied over 15 years ago.

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