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03 April 08

I've got the travel bug lately huh! I've just come back from a long weekend in Beaune, France (pronounced BONE, oh how we punned) visiting a friend working there at the moment. We drank buckets of wine (and went wine tasting which I'd never done before, it was really fun), went to the markets and ate more cheese than I thought was possible in four days. It was excellent.  My next trip is to Moscow/St Petersburg in july but I'm hoping to cram in a weekend in Berlin too. At some point. We'll see!



Could you please name some interesting stores in St. Petersburg? I’m going there to visit my family this summer, but I haven’t been there for eight years. Still, I’m hearing that some cool things are popping up all the time there!

Thank you so much for a marvelous blog

Alisa replied over 15 years ago.

Those photos are incredible! My favorite is the garlic one.

Johanna replied over 15 years ago.

I’m sooo homesick now. Did you take the pix of the radishes? It’s glorious.

Corine replied over 15 years ago.

Love the photos, as always! :) Where were the ones with the chandelier taken?

catherine replied over 15 years ago.

Ack I was just there last summer! We did a wine tasting as well, and is that the hospice?? I’m going back to Paris in a few weeks (my mother’s family lives there, so we go every year), but we’re spending a few days in Edinburgh, and I was wondering if you had ever been?

Beautiful photographs :). How I long for French cheese…

lauren replied over 15 years ago.

how do you achieve such perfect lighting in your photographs? everything is so brilliant.

chloe replied over 15 years ago.

mmmmmh…. yammie!!!

Kathrin replied over 15 years ago.

the strawberries look so yummy :-,)

edrick replied over 15 years ago.

Alisa – I can’t give you much advice yet! I haven’t been to St Petersburg since I was nine years old, so I have no idea what to do either. I’ll blog all about it when I go though :)

Johanna – thank you! the market was very photogenic, I was all over it with my camera!

Corine – aw, I’m sorry I made you homesick. I took all the photos, yes :)

Catherine – The chandelier photos were taken at Patriarche, where we did our wine tasting. It was very pretty up top and dark and spooky down below! (http://www.patriarche.com)

Lauren – Oh, small world! The wine tasting was at Patriarche, it was awesome. Have a lovely time in Paris! I’m afraid I’ve never been to Edinburgh, I’ve never been to Scotland at all actually. I’m quite ashamed, I’ve lived in the UK for twelve years :/

Chloe – ah, thank you! I’m not sure really, I guess it’s combination of lens (canon 50mm 1.4) and a bit of editing in RAW. And a bit of luck with light in the first place! x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Those photos are gorgeous, as always :) I love wine and cheese, so your weekend sounds like my dream weekend. You may be infecting all of us with your travel bug

Rachel replied over 15 years ago.

I am jealous of your travels:) I hope togo to France and maybe England sometime soon. Lovely photos.

zuzupetal replied over 15 years ago.

what a lovely life you lead! how in the world do afford all this travel? arent you a student at uni still? much jealousy!!!

saltie replied over 15 years ago.

saltie – I am a student, yes. I have a student loan and I save! France was excellent though, we got really cheap flights and free accommodation with my friend! :)

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

oh so you work too? i just thought that you perhaps lived with your parents and they gave you money. aaaaaahhhh, hooray for student days. \(^-^)/

saltie replied over 15 years ago.

I miss the markets here so much! enjoy your visit to la france

Lucie replied over 15 years ago.

we do make the best fromages:)

Helena replied over 15 years ago.

i love chandeliers.

Prêt-à-Porter P replied over 15 years ago.

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