All this wisdom, it hurts me

28 April 08




Kt replied about 15 years ago.

This is so darling! Sorry to hear about your tooth – I can completely empathize.

catherine replied about 15 years ago.

My second one is coming in right now and it hurts :(

I only have three though!

Susan replied about 15 years ago.

lucky you! i have five :(

apis replied about 15 years ago.

Oh, that girl looks like my best friend!
I love it.

Marie replied about 15 years ago.

igot 3 out. the 3rd one made me have a crush on my oral surgeon. he was such a smooth operator. still wasnt pretty after, but it made it a billion times better than the previous 2. argh totally disliked being wise for a sec.

lovely illustration !

meli replied almost 15 years ago.

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