Showing some love for Luella

25 September 07

I love all the poofy dresses at Luella Spring '08. I always dig Luella actually, Ms Bartley never disappoints me.



wow! i think i like your drawing better than the photograph.

Kerri replied over 15 years ago.

I said, “oh!” because it’s just that pretty;
the skirt is my favourite part!

Jenny replied over 15 years ago.

The dreamy little red head on the envelope is beautiful. I love your drawings. Luella is pretty special, the black lace number with the bright blue petticoat is my favorite, reminds me of something I wore to my first high school dance. Fun memory.

Danette replied over 15 years ago.

ohhh i always love luella too. your drawing is fantastic.

Kirsty replied over 15 years ago.

kerri – woah, thank you! I’m flattered.

Jenny – oh, thank you! I’m pretty happy with how the skirt came out. x

Danette – I know, I love that one! the cape is seriously amazing. and thank you! x

kirsty – it’s all so wearable and pretty, what’s not to love! & thanks! :)

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Oh my god.. seeing this just makes me feel like; why do I even try to draw?
I love making illustrations and ive always got a pen and some paper with me but when I see things like yours I get so tired. I want to be able to do that! (Okey I sound like a four year old now. haha)
But just wanna say, you´re great! Really really great girl!!

Kajsa replied over 15 years ago.

love the drawing, do more

Joanna and Naomi replied over 14 years ago.

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