On the inside of an envelope

25 September 07



Ahhh, gorgeous! You should print stationery with your girls on it, it would be a major hit.

Gala replied over 15 years ago.

finding that on an inside of an envelope would be GORGEOUS. would totally make my day.

Katja replied over 15 years ago.

Ooo stationary with our illustrations would actually make me day. I’m thinking sticky notes which you could leave literally EVERYWHERE!! Hehe x

Flic replied over 15 years ago.

Gala – I’m definitely planning to do something like that in the future! & thank you! x

Katja – aw :)

Flic – Oh, that would be pretty cute! Awesome idea. x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

ohhh, i absolutely adore the origami skirt, how beautiful!

nana replied over 15 years ago.

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