Late night painting

23 September 07

My sleeping pattern is all out of whack, I'm staying up until 5am drawing and then sleeping till 2pm. Very bad!!!



I wish my hair was that colour. It’s long like that too! Ok maybe not quite as long, but down to my bum :D

Meg replied about 16 years ago.

I love the hair, it’s so cool. :)

Lils replied about 16 years ago.

ugh i hate when my sleep pattern gets really messed up!

your drawing is really pretty. i’ve always wanted blue hair like
stormer ( from the show Jem. (did you guys get that show over there?)

berry replied about 16 years ago.

Was this done with pencil crayon? I love the hair colour!

zuzupetal replied about 16 years ago.

Yeah, i was also wondering what type of paint you’re using for the hair! Looks great.

jon replied about 16 years ago.

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