Getting the night bus home

28 September 07

After I painted this I realised that the colours remind me lots of Amy Earles work. She has a lovely blog, check it out!



this is so gorgeous! the shoes are a dream.

berry replied about 16 years ago.

oh, I love Amy Earles’s works (and but of course I love yours!)

Stella replied about 16 years ago.

I have those shoes! haha. I am wearing them out night^_^.

zuzupetal replied about 16 years ago.

New hair! :D

Rachel replied about 16 years ago.

oh, black with a hint of red lipstick (and wavy hair)- I love it!

Jenny replied about 16 years ago.

Hi there, I came aross your blog via stylemob, I like it lots especially your fab drawings, I love the wedge shoes in this drawing. Oh yeah I love south park too :)

Chic Looks replied about 16 years ago.

I’ve been following your blog for a long time.
Big crush on this pretty!

Lina replied about 16 years ago.

Berry – thank you!

Stella – I do too! and of course, thank you :)

Zuzupetal – I have those shoes too! Mine are Chloe-lookalikes from Aldo! I love them so much.

Rachel Yep :) I saw a girl with amazing curly hair in some magazine and it made me want to do curls this time!

Jenny – thank you very much. I kinda wish I had black hair sometimes, the opposite of mine!

Chic Looks – Oh thank you! That reminds me that I should use my stylemob account again. I kind of forgot about it, oops!

Lina – I’m super happy to hear that, thank you! x

kris atomic replied about 16 years ago.

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