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04 September 07

Screen prints from Keep Calm.

Eyelash necklace by Stephanie Simek (found via the latest issue of N.E.E.T. which you should also check out!)

A selection of shoes that need to be on my feet immediately, if not sooner. Clockwise from top left: Schuh, Carvela, Topshop, Carvela, Solea.



I love the screen prints (I think I saw Rupert Grint wearing a similar t-shirt at a premier recently) and all the shoes are fantastic. :D

Lils replied about 16 years ago.

I agree with you about the oxford pumps. I would love a pair, but all the ones I can afford seem a bit too tall for me. I’m just not used to heels, I suppose D:

erin replied about 16 years ago.

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