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17 October 07

There is some amazing house stuff at Plumo at the moment and I would totally snap it all up if I could. I'm going to wait until the sale though, their sales are always totally epic.


The tins and tea items are ace.

Meg replied over 15 years ago.

The tea caps are a total “Yes, please.”

Kim replied over 15 years ago.

the tea cups are fabulous.
and i really want a phone like that when i get my own place!

berry replied over 15 years ago.

Russian doll cushion! I love Russian dolls. One of my friends has a big one that opens up to reveal a bottle of vodka, someone got it her from a cruise ship they were singing on (the benefits of theatre type friends). I want one! x

Tamsin replied over 15 years ago.

Where did you purchase that classic phone? It’s gorgeous!

Icee replied over 15 years ago.

I love the telephones.

Lils replied over 15 years ago.

wow, this site is so beautiful! thank you for posting it as i’ve got a new room and can’t wait to start decorating! do you know when about the sale usually starts?

Kully replied over 15 years ago.

hey miss! diane from lulette here!

the little nesting dolls and teapot cozies are precious!! i like how the cozy looks like a real hat with a pom and all…fabulous!

Diane replied over 15 years ago.

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