Rob Ryan - This is for you

02 October 07

I just got this ace book by Rob Ryan, I've been following his blog for a little while. All the shapes are cut out of paper, how great is that!
Rob Ryan website - blog - etsy shop.


wow, i love it.

Deb replied over 15 years ago.

gorgeous and genious.

Carla replied over 15 years ago.

that looks like a gorgeous book.

Katja replied over 15 years ago.

it looks a bit like your stuff! the text and the tea, anyway x

kris k replied over 15 years ago.

wow thats great…im totally impressed by that…i want something like that! NOW :D

Eva replied over 15 years ago.

[…] is also Rob Ryan but I posted about him already :) And last but not least, some cute zig zag city cards from […]

i bought this book a few weeks ago
it’s so great i love it :)

kat replied about 15 years ago.

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