From my favourite museum shop

01 October 07

the V&A shop that is. I think the little guy looks like The Nutcracker, his mouth even opens with a switch on the back. He's going to go on the christmas tree! And I got another ridiculous ring like this since I love them.



I’ve got one in a set of christmas decorations, I think it’s The Nutcraker too. Mine it not so gaudy though! I really can’t wait to be in London in november, the V&A is on top of my list already. where did you buy the ring? Ridiculous stuff is so my thing ;)

Stella replied about 16 years ago.

I am so jealous of that heart ring. I have been looking for one since but no luck on ebay.
Cute nutcracker guy.

zuzupetal replied about 16 years ago.

cute nutcracker! the V&A museum shop is my favourite too.

when I lived in London I used to spend so much time there (and in the Tate Modern one as well)!

Carla replied about 16 years ago.

I’m so excited about my Christmas tree as it will be the boy and I’s first Christmas living together. I bought a decoration in Florence when I was this week, and a Pinocchio to hang up, and I am making lists to buy gingham ribbon and glittery felt! Your nutcracker is very sweet :)

Grace replied about 16 years ago.

Oh my god!!! I have the same little guy !!!!! It reminds me christmas when I was younger

soso replied almost 15 years ago.

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