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11 October 07

I'm back at uni, doing a photography elective (my degree major is illustration) for the next six weeks. The brief is something about constructing images (or is it? I think I lost the sheet somewhere already!) so I'm going to do it all about food. It's all a bit vague at the moment, but it sure is making me hungry.


i’d suggest photographing lots of candy and pastries, but probably only because i’m
starved for a cupcake and a cadbury creme egg at the moment.

berry replied about 16 years ago.

That sounds like a good idea. :) Food is such a varied topic. How does the uni system work? I’m not very clued up. :P

Lils replied about 16 years ago.

Holy moly! We appear to be soul sisters, as I’m doing nearly all-food projects for the majority of my classes (illustration classes, no less!)

You’re at Camberwell, if I remember reading correctly? Do you enjoy it? I looked at doing a year abroad at CSM, but it appears to be a very difficult thing. Sigh

Sara replied about 16 years ago.

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