The Golden Age of Couture

04 November 07

I went to this exhibition at the V&A ages ago and completely forgot to blog about it until now. I went on a friday which was an experience in itself, I had no idea the V&A have a dj and a wine bar in the main entrance on friday evenings!

I would like to have a tiny moan about not being allowed to takes photos inside though. Such a ridiculous rule. Ban flash, don't ban photography all together. I fell in love with an amazing Balenciaga cocktail dress which I couldn't find a picture of anywhere. In the end I just drew the damn thing!

I don't think I did it justice really!

The dolls were the best bit though, the tiny couture outfit replicas were incredible.

(read all about her here)

and here are a few dresses from the exhibition book:

The Golden Age of Couture at the V&A is on until the 6th of january and you should definitely check it out if you can. I liked it a lot.


Hi! I love the picture and photographs, i felt compelled to comment because the girl in your lovely drawing has my hair!! I love it :D

jess replied about 16 years ago.

oh no! i won’t be back in london until the 11th of january!
fashion exhibits are excellent, and the v&a is one of my definite favorites. what a shame, to be missing this.

Sara replied about 16 years ago.

Wow, that looks amazing. I wish I was in a decent travelling distance of London. :P

Lil replied about 16 years ago.

Ohhh, you definitely did it justice! I recognised it before reading it, haha. I went the other day and saw the exhibition, some of those dresses were heavenly. I’m annoyed I didn’t buy the book though.

Cal replied about 16 years ago.

I think that is one of my favorite pieces by you. Will you be selling it, per chance??

lauren replied about 16 years ago.

This wouldn’t be it, would it? This piece from the MET is kind of similar….

Mary replied about 16 years ago.

Oh! I’m so jealous that the V&A is having that exhibit! :) I’m dying to get my hands on the book that accompanies it, since I can’t fly over there and see it for myself. ;)

Don’t know if you’re already aware of this, but those little wire dolls have an entire book about them. I just love looking at all the tiny pieces of couture:

Your rendition of the Balanciaga gown is gorgeous!

Casey replied about 16 years ago.

your drawing of the balenciaga dress is awesome. i want a dress like that in real life now :(

Kirsty replied almost 16 years ago.

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