The Big Knit

21 November 07

The nice people at Innocent are selling smoothies with hats to raise money for Age Concern. I am 100% behind this campaign because it's incredibly cute and also because reading things like this makes me want to lie down and cry hysterically.

Read more about it here, go buy smoothies at Sainsbury's, take photos of your hats and maybe even win a year's worth of smoothies (yes please)! It's for a good cause and you'll get fun hats to make nonsense like this with:

I have about 15 hats now! I might hang them on our christmas tree or something.



Oh, those are cute!

Danni replied almost 16 years ago.

The expression on the left one’s face makes me proper giggle!

Steph replied almost 16 years ago.

I love this idea and I love innocent smoothies! :D Although we tend to get the cartons, I wish they did hats on those! :P

Lils replied almost 16 years ago.

I just checked, and we definitely get them nowhere here. ]]]]]=

Danni replied almost 16 years ago.

My housemate made a load of them:) I didn’t, which is terrible as I knit all the time. I don’t even know WHY I didn’t. But anyway, I’m going to buy loads. I did think about knitting lots of blankets and hats and scarves and donating them to Age Concern but this is probably more than I can do on my own. Maybe it’s time to start my own campaign….
I’m glad you mentioned this on your blog, so many people read it and it’ll get the message out! x

Tamsin replied almost 16 years ago.

ahh,.. they look so cute! Great idea.

ava replied almost 16 years ago.

reading that article makes me angry, because so many of those deaths can be avoided. the eldery population is pushed to the backs of peoples minds, they don’t want to think of them and help them, even when the smallest actions can help them. it’s also disgraceful how little the government gives our OAPs for state pension, it’a an absolute pittance.

i’m glad innocent are doing this, it’s a fab idea.

rhian replied almost 16 years ago.

I wish I knew how to knit and I wish I had a sainbury’s near me..what a fantastic idea?! i love it

Jessica replied almost 16 years ago.

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