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22 November 07

I wrote about the Stephanie Simek eyelash necklace before, but I actually just bought one and it's even prettier than I thought. The chain is very delicate and the "eyelashes" are beautifully made. My mum took one look at it and said it was creepy and weird, but I absolutely love it. I got it from the stephanie's  etsy shop.

I also got this goldfish necklace from Paraphernalia on etsy for a very reasonable $17.00. I'm now tempted by the silhouette necklaces, but can't decide which one I like best so maybe I'll just wait. Their shop is full of great stuff and worth checking out, could make an A+ christmas gift for somebody. 


Hehe, I can see why your mum would think so, but I think it’s gorgeous too! Even the goldfish one is pretty. I’ve actually been eyeing up the crab necklace from Paraphenalia, that might go on my Xmas list. :) I also adore the purple dress you wore with the eyelashes necklace! Just out of curiosity, where did you get it from?

Rose replied over 15 years ago.

Lol, when I put the Stephanie Simek necklace in N.E.E.T., my mum said it was creepy and weird too!

Steph replied over 15 years ago.

Those etsy stores are incredible!
Now, this is only a suggestion, but do you think you could make a post with all your favorite etsy shops? I imagine loads of people would be grateful, this being the holiday season and all.

elizabeth replied over 15 years ago.

Never mind! Due to my brilliant e-sleuthing, I found your store and consequently, your favorites. This deserves a prize of some sort.

Oh, and as an aside, I think you’d really like Kara Walker, if you haven’t seen her stuff already. She does the finest paper art/silhouettes I have ever seen.

elizabeth (again) replied over 15 years ago.

What?! I just posted a follow-up comment that did not post. Lame. It said something along the lines of, “Don’t worry, I’m a clever e-sleuth who found your etsy store and then your favorites. Hurrah!”

Then I also added:
“You should check out Kara Walker’s stuff, ‘cause I’m certain you’d like her.” But I did not tell you that I saw her stuff when I was in NYC, and it’s much more impressive in person. As most art is. Apart from the Mona Lisa.

elizabeth replied over 15 years ago.

Oh my!
Thank you for this..I just ordered a bookmark and brooch from the second shop – what gorgeous things!

chloe replied over 15 years ago.

I really like both!

Heather replied over 15 years ago.

I love the goldfish one!

Ali replied over 15 years ago.

These necklaces are lovely!

Lils replied over 15 years ago.

Wow, the eyelash necklace is beautiful! Your dress looks very nice too.

Anna replied over 15 years ago.

Those necklaces are beutiful, I especiallt liked the one with the gold fish. On their site it says it’s made out of acrylic, but I don’t really get it, is it stiff or soft? How is it to wear, heavy (if it is stiff) or does it turns folded and silly-looking?

Thinkin of putting it on my wish list for christmas, if they can post it to Sweden that is…

Fanny, Sweden replied over 15 years ago.

The dress with the eyelash necklace is absolutely gorgeous (beautiful colour)… any chance of seeing a full length picture of it?

erin replied over 15 years ago.

i think the fish necklace is absolutely beautiful – it’s almost like having a delicate tattoo! i will have to check both those stores you suggested. :)

Sunni replied over 15 years ago.

What kind of a camera do you have?

Sam replied over 15 years ago.

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