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08 November 07



I love the first photo, it seems to remind me of the scenes towards the end of Atonement. :D

Lil replied almost 16 years ago.


Katja replied almost 16 years ago.

I like the vignetting on the first two pictures – did you add that in a photo editing program or just play around with the aperture settings on your camera? I’d been thinking about playing around with vignetting, so I thought I’d ask ;] The third photo is beautiful as well, of course; the colors are just gorgeous.

Melanie replied almost 16 years ago.

I love the colors and there’s just something about the first that really caught my eye.

Jenny replied almost 16 years ago.

Hi Kris!

I remember that some time ago you (I hope it was you and no-one else!) had an entry, on this blog or in your ljjournal, about the jewelry with golden chains and eyelashes on them. I

I would really like to have a necklace of my own, so if it was you and you remember the thing, could you please give me the link to the site which was selling those?

Thank you already.. !

Elina replied almost 16 years ago.

hi kris! i love your blog so much!
i added you to my blog roll :)

yumna! replied almost 16 years ago.

These pictures are stunning! What kind of camera do you use?

Liza replied almost 16 years ago.

Your photos are completely mesmerizingly gorgeous!

Heather replied almost 16 years ago.

I just found your blog, so gorgeus. I adore it, the pictures, your style, the beatiful objects and decorating stuff! Adorable!

naranja replied almost 16 years ago.

Lil – oh yes, I see that. I loved that film! x

Katja – thank you lovely.

Melanie – Nope, no editing. It’s my 50mm lens with the aperture at 1.4 or 1.6. Thank you!

Jenny – thank you! something about that house caught my eye :) their fancy curtains probably. x

Elina – It’s Stephanie Simek – http://www.stephaniesimek.com ! She has an etsy store too, so do check that out – stephaniesimek.etsy.com
I actually bought the eyelash necklace the other day and it’s lovely! I’m going to post about it tomorrow. x

yumna! – Hey! Thanks bb! Your blog is adorable! x

Liza – Thank you! I use a canon 5d and a 50mm 1.4 lens.

Heather – you’re too nice! thank you!

naranja – I’m glad you like it :) xx

kris atomic replied almost 16 years ago.

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