The annual bragfest (christmas presents!)

28 December 07

(lovely white bed sheets)  and enough chocolate to make me need to go jogging asap.



I always look forward to these posts of yours every year :P

Amy replied over 15 years ago.

wow that’s a lot of gifts!

yuki replied over 15 years ago.

That Ms. Austen book collection is pretty cute

pom replied over 15 years ago.

that’s great!!!

i bought sence and sensibility for chritmas … excelent collection. and the starbucks cups, and the moleskine set … i was wondering who recieved my wished presents and it was you!

czina replied over 15 years ago.

I look forward to this post at Christmas time! You’ve got some lovely stuff this year. Snap starbucks mugs (the first one) and collection of moleskins (I didn’t get the sames ones though). :D

You should take some photos of your room now you’ve got all your stuff in it.

Lils replied over 15 years ago.

Ohhh dear, that benetint cheek and lip stain is lovely stuff. :) I bought some back in august and you can hardly tell I’ve been using it, the bottle is still nearly full. It goes so far.

Also, The Other Boleyn Girl is marvelous.

Samantha replied over 15 years ago.

You have a beautiful room!

Julia replied over 15 years ago.

Oh last year i also got a bottle of benetint. it is superb. now there is also a fake one from manhattan. for when you have to buy fresh supply yourself;-)

Fenke replied over 15 years ago.

i am endlessly jealous of your room and your laura ashley wallpaper!
it looks ultimately cutilicious and makes me want to decorate my none-existant house cause my room is already filled with so much furniture and books and amagazines and pillows that i couldnt possibly even fit another pencil holder. shit on me.
hope to see more pictures of your room tho!

theroof from LJ replied over 15 years ago.

the dollhouse is awesome!!

van replied over 15 years ago.

major jealousy ensues for that soon-to-be-beautiful doll house! i used to obsess over miniature furniture in the A. C. Moore craft store when i was little.

Melanie replied over 15 years ago.

i’m jealous of your books!!!! i love benetint too; it makes you look like you just walked in from the cold outdoors. you are an amazing photographer! xo

joanna goddard replied over 15 years ago.

i actually want your life.
please tell me you write a christmas wishlist and your parents aren’t just ridiculously cool enough to buy you these presents of their own accord annually!

Kirsty replied over 15 years ago.

I love how all of your gifts seem so thoughtful and to have meaning, it’s not just a pile of useless stuff! So many books— lucky girl!

Nubby replied over 15 years ago.

Where I work we sell those KitchenAid mixers, every day I go “I want the red one!!!”, however I doubt I would ever use it :). That’s pretty geeky, but they look great.
Just wondering, where is that lovely dolls house from?

Elaine replied over 15 years ago.

Oh gosh, YOU GOT A DOLLHOUSE. I’m obsessed with build-your-own dollhouses, I’m very jealous. Please post a photo when it’s finished!

Tara replied over 15 years ago.

You always get the best presents and present it in an even more appealing way BUT do you make a list or is everyone you know uber-thoughtful and fantastic at present-buying?

Mike Chalmers replied over 15 years ago.

Those presents are pretty awesome.
I have all of those benefit products.
So jealous of the starbucks mugs and moleskines!

Lil replied over 15 years ago.

May I ask what the third book down is?
Lovely gifts!

jess replied over 15 years ago.

Beautiful presents (I’m especially jealous of the Starbucks mugs) and, of course, beautiful photos. As someone above said, I look forward to your Christmas post every year!
I’d be interested to hear what you make of The Book of Lost Things, so many people seem to love it but I thought it was terrible…

blair replied over 15 years ago.

I really like your blog. :] I may have to find a few of those books; they look interesting & I’m a kind of a book-geek. Merry Christmas!

lynn replied over 15 years ago.

I want a Doll’s House just like that, it’s sweet. x

sarah replied over 15 years ago.

Lovely! Really really nice!
I hope you have had a great Christmas and your new years eve will be nice also.
Happy new year!

Mila replied over 15 years ago.

wow fab haul!
i got a kitchen-aid mixer last year (imperial grey, sexah)! i bet you love it already!
i spy two stephen fry endevours hee. bright young things is so glam and wonderful, and
QI is just awesome. those starbucks mugs rule all! my boy used to work there and i
miss getting discount mugs, especially all the cool christmas ones. the first one is my favorite one, i use it all the time.

berry replied over 15 years ago.

wow, very nice pics you got there! nice blog! keep up the good work :)

systugan replied over 15 years ago.

what is this thing with starbucks?
its just such a dumb and commercial thing. i hate starbucks. everybody goes there to be “cool”.
but i dont think there is something cool abot the ripoff of the africas and the costumers or the fakt that they are bear down little coffeeshops.

but i like your pictures :)

sonni replied over 15 years ago.

beautiful presents! I came across your blog through your lj, and it’s all so gorgeous. I got the ‘this book will change your life’ organiser and the jane austen set too! and I especially envy all your fry-related gifts; I spy what looks like ‘moab is my washpot’ on your shelf and have been meaning to watch ‘bright young things’ for ages…
lovely work :)

hannah-mae replied over 15 years ago.

sonni – I don’t think you’re going to like me very much when I post pictures of my christmas ornaments! I have two from Starbucks :O
I don’t think everyone goes there to be cool or is dumb and commercial or whatever. I just like coffee and it’s convenient. Sorry :(

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

it’s great! x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Mike Chalmers & kirsty – I do write a list for my parents, though more out of tradition and because I love doing it, than anything else. About half the stuff I specifically asked for and the other half are just well matched for me :)
I’m easy to buy for though! I go on about things I like all the time. x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Elaine – the dolls house is Mimosa cottage from :)

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Pretty pics! Have a good day.

Alice J replied over 15 years ago.

i loooove that jane austen collection; can you tell me who published it or do you even know where i can find it?

Annika replied about 15 years ago.

Important data and Fantastic style you got on your blog! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the things you publish! Cheers.

Ned Lagerberg replied almost 13 years ago.

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