Slow start to december

07 December 07

Not much blogging going on at the moment because I'm in the process of redecorating my bedroom, am basically living in the kitchen with my many possessions stacked around me and it's not much fun! I've done tons of drawing but my scanner isn't set up and I've spent the rest of my time obsessing over wallpaper samples and trying to find a wardrobe that is neither horrifically ugly nor £1000. Why on earth would one hunk of wood cost over a grand? Are they completely insane?!

Anyway, I shall be back on the blogging track in the next couple of days and I've got a ton of interior decoration inspiration I'm dying to show. Yay.


Be sure to post pictures of your room, I’d love to see what it looks like after you’re all done!

December has been going by slowly, hrm. :\

thruyourveins replied almost 16 years ago.

ohh, fun! the thought of fun wallpaper makes me salivate a little bit.

Sara replied almost 16 years ago.

I hate letting the blog go quiet, you worry about people coming to dissapointment! But I can’t help it anyway and neither can most people. So looking forward to you posting more when you can. I should have thought this comment through more but I have just decided to keep going. I also managed to link your blog after putting it off for a while.

Mike Chalmers replied almost 16 years ago.

Hope the redecorating goes well! :) Can’t wait for your next few blogs.

Lils replied almost 16 years ago.

post pictures of your progress! those are always fun.

Melanie replied almost 16 years ago.

Goodluck with redecorating your room. It’s always nice to change your surrounding. Ive got a dear kind of like yours on my bedsidetable.
Ive got a question for you. Where do you go to school in london? Im thinking about applying for artschool, but i dont know which one.

Agnes replied almost 16 years ago.

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