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15 December 07

The decoration is all finished and I just had a really fun time putting my books and trinkets in the cubbyholes! It already looks more homely and less like an institution. That's the only furniture I have in there, so it's still a little bare. I have a banging red desk arriving on the 22nd that I am SO EXCITED ABOUT and a nice white wardrobe some time in january (which seems a mighty long time away when all your clothes are dumped in bags on the floor). Until then, my new full time job is making sure no-one gets my beautiful white floorboards dirty (white flooring was admittedly not one of my most practical ideas).
For inquisitive minds: the wallpaper is Josette from Laura Ashley, the bed is ikea and the shelving was made by our decorator.



Gosh! This room is so lovely thus far. It’s very simple and classic, while still being fresh and bold. I love the attention to details so far. Is it hard to access the bottom shelves that are by the bed? Or will they just not be used?

Ashe Mischief replied almost 16 years ago.

Thank you!
The very bottom right two are only accessible from under the bed which is pretty inconvenient obviously but I put things that are seldom used (like my record player that I use barely once a year but still won’t get rid of!) there so it’s not too bad. The two above that are partially obscured by the bed frame are fine, I can just stick my arm through. I put paperbacks there.
It was kind of annoying that the bed and shelves would have to overlap, but it was the only way that I could fit everything in :)

kris atomic replied almost 16 years ago.


Everything about this looks great so far. Pretty excited to see how this will progress c:

pom replied almost 16 years ago.

Your room looks fantastic Kris! I love Laura Ashley wallpaper, I have her Delancy paper on one of my walls. You should take some photos now you’ve got your stuff in it, and when you get that fabby red desk. I’m sure it’ll look amazing. I also like the (ikea?) shelf you have. Ahh, I love it all, haha. :P x

Lils replied almost 16 years ago.

Awesome job, you should consider going into set/art direction, I would hire you no problem. Wallpaper is cool.

Mike Chalmers replied almost 16 years ago.

Absolutely stunning. How lucky of you to be given such an opportunity! The colors are just perfect— imagining a brazen red desk in there makes my heart soar. Is there a window behind the curtain, or does it lead to something else?

Kim replied almost 16 years ago.

That’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to move out and decorate my whole house.
I love that Ikea bed, I just wish they did it in a double! x

Aimee Marie replied almost 16 years ago.

Wow! It looks amazing already! The colors are great. You’ll have to update us as it gets finished and filled up :)

Jeni replied almost 16 years ago.

I love Laura Ashley wallpaper. A bit too much. Probably a result of spending nearly fourteen years of my life in a room wallpapered with pink Laura Ashley roses.

Your room looks absolutely lovely.Very clean and open. The wallpaper and the white floor is perfect. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to end up with the complete opposite when I move out. Heavily patterned wallpaper (probably something William Morris-esque), stuff, clutter, old furniture and clothes everywhere.

Emilie replied almost 16 years ago.

gosh – its beautiful! I wish I wasn’t renting so I could decorate.

Mel replied almost 16 years ago.

I am extremely jealous of all that beautiful molding! The wallpaper is lovely and the red desk will really give the room a pop of color, can’t wait to see the whole thing once it is done!

Kimberly Lewis replied almost 16 years ago.

Wow! It’s like a room for an ice princess! I love the cool colors and that’s the prettiest wallpaper I’ve ever seen! I especially love your ceiling.

How nice to wake up in that every morning.

Melissa replied almost 16 years ago.

Gosh, this looks amazing so far. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

vic replied almost 16 years ago.

Love the wallpaper. The pattern’s something I’d like to have on my own wall.

DC replied almost 16 years ago.

Oh I wish my room looked like this…at the moment it resembles more of a bombsite…bring on the new year and a major clear out!

Kate replied almost 16 years ago.

Oh wow, you did such a great job!

lauren replied almost 16 years ago.

Looks gorgeous. Love the wallpaper. But it’s such a small bed! Do you find it comfortable and sufficient enough?

Can’t wait to see finished photos!

Susan replied almost 16 years ago.

Oh my, that is the best room I’ve seen in a long long time. The room looks huge! And in London? What kind of paint did you use for the floor, was it special wood paint? I’m painting mine a cornflower blue :)

Elle replied almost 16 years ago.

That looks absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited by the chandelier, the wallpaper, and the fact that everything is beautifully clean and white. I can’t wait to see the end results. :) I have a sofa bed like yours, except the frame is black with curl details, and with wooden legs.

Rose replied almost 16 years ago.

This is great!

Whitney replied almost 16 years ago.

It looks really great. Actually that’s the same wallpaper as my boyfriend is going to use in his apartment. It was nice seeing how it can look when it’s on the walls.

DONNASANDRA replied almost 16 years ago.

Kris, you should make a before/after decoration post of your room!
It looks so fancy, gorgeous. My room is always so messy and full os colors that looking at yours makes me dumb. :)

Lara replied almost 16 years ago.

i have the same bed as you… aaand i love the wallpaper. it’s a gorgeous pattern without being too in-your-face. hurray!

victoriaaa replied almost 16 years ago.

but i love white floorboards when they dirty up a bit and you can see the pedestrian desire lines across the floor! looking nice, bit of a contrast to before eh?? not that i won’t miss those blue and yellow tulips x

colin replied almost 16 years ago.

looks fab, my parents have josette in their front room :]

Ellie replied almost 16 years ago.

amazing!!! i love the wallpaper, wow.

joanna goddard replied almost 16 years ago.

Очень суперское место, мне тут понравилось, правда…
Столько всего класного и интересного, я тут обоснуюсь на долго.

порно replied about 15 years ago.

It would be really nice to see some pictures of your beautiful room now when it is fully decorated.

Hemlig replied over 14 years ago.

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