Home Inspiration, day one

10 December 07

So I mentioned that I'm redecorating my bedroom/mostly obsessing about decorating things and I thought I'd get it out of my system with a week dedicated to blogging nice things I've come across. So I shall!

These images are from the rather nice LivingEtc.com galleries. I'm normally an Elle Decoration girl, but their website is pretty lame and disappointing.  Maybe I'll scan some of my favourite Elle Deco spreads and then actually THROW THEM OUT (I'm finding de-cluttering a bit... challenging at the moment. Especially my embarrassingly large magazine collection).

To the couple of people that asked, I'll show off my room when it's a bit more finished and the floor isn't wet and so on. I can't actually walk in it at the moment.


I love the hundreds of frames on the walls!
I’m having some troubles finding place for all my photos, my walls are just too small. But now I know that getting crazy with hammer and nails gets a marvelous result!

Helena replied over 15 years ago.

It would be lovely to have a light, white bedroom like that! (My current apartment is a small room + bathroom, though bathroom is too grand a word for that really.) I love Living etc., and the Swedish version of Elle Decoration. I’ll have to take a look at the English one too, it’s ages since I’ve read it. Well, I’m trying to restrict myself from buying too many magazines… They’re pretty expensive here in Finland, and I too have difficulties throwing them out.

scaredy-cat replied over 15 years ago.

I can definitely sympathize with the magazine collection. Sometimes, out of boredom, I tear out pages and turn them into paper beads, but that subsequently leaves me with nothing more than a paper bead collection that I don’t know what to do with!

And oh, what I wouldn’t give to have the money to re-decorate my room! Unfortunately, eating and laundering must take precedence, but these are some wonderful photos you’re drawing inspiration from. I can’t wait to see the finished product and live vicariously through your fabulous new room!

Also… Is that a bubble, or some type of glass sphere in the last photo?

Kim replied over 15 years ago.

Nice choices, I painted my room totally white a couple of weeks ago but I can’t decide what to do next.. Probably because my floor is like puke-green and I spend all my time making a mess to cover up that fact.

Mike Chalmers replied over 15 years ago.

I love all of these, the wall with the clocks is fab! :D

Lils replied over 15 years ago.

I’ve actually been collecting inspiration for a nice, clean, white bedroom too! It looks like I’ll be moving back into my parents house to save some money in the next few months, so I’ve been thinking about how I can do up the bedroom so it’s not so “staying at my parents house” :P

Katy replied over 15 years ago.

So wonderful! Its so beautiful

Satu replied over 15 years ago.

so pretty!!

sandy replied over 15 years ago.

I want that plane!
And the ceiling.

Lynsey replied over 15 years ago.

Aw, gorgeous pictures. I’ve become so obsessed with home decorating at the moment, I just keep buying home things and visiting Laura Ashley shops. I love that nice clean white look with lots of knick-knacks and frames and ornaments and vintage finds scattered throughout. That ceiling in the second last picture is fantastic and I want those sweet little suitcases.

I should really pick up Elle Decoration sometime. Not that I need to extend my magazine collection. Mine is, um, quite large too. I just can’t bare to part with any of them.

Katerina replied over 15 years ago.

I absolutely adore your taste and this just confirms it. I’ve always wanted a white bedroom, but in the apartment I’m in now with my dad and sister is too much of a dump to justify something so clean. I also have two big dogs which don’t allow for a clean colour.

When dad gets married and we move into a house I’ll have so much fun redecorating. You’ve inspired me to subscribe to a home decor magazine, now I have to convince my Master Card.

I can’t wait to see photos of the redecorated room, and would love to even get a tour of the apartment/house in general.

Susan replied over 15 years ago.

I love all the difference clocks on the wall. They are so beautiful.
Do you know where I can find a clock like the one with “MON 30 AUG 13:33”? I’ve been looking everywhere and I’d really like to find one.

Jaime replied over 13 years ago.

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