Ridiculously girly purchases

18 August 07

Some lovely underwear from Agent Provocateur and mineral foundation, powder and blusher from Lily Lolo (it's quite brilliant actually, like a magic trick) that match totally by coincidence.



i love agent provocateur! they have some really marvelous sales.

berry replied over 15 years ago.

Oo, Agent Provocateur. That sale is rather tempting, and they go up to my size which is always nice. I love underwear.
That make up site looks good too, haven’t heard of that before x

Tamsin replied over 15 years ago.

Agent Provocateur is a great product. Lily Lolo has some amazing products and even the design and packaging they come in. Is one brand that many of us look up too.

Mia Minerals replied almost 13 years ago.

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