New shoes

02 August 07

Lovely gold Miu Miu flats from the Matches sale.

My new pride and joy! Patent black leather beauties from Carvela that I added nicer velvet bows to because the original ones were a bit thin and pathetic. They look very similar to the Rupert Sanderson pumps don't they? I actually went looking for some nice high heeled shoes boots/brogues but found these and fell in love. The brogues are going to have to wait a bit.



ohh my gosh. i have just fallen head over heels in love with those shoes (carvela ones). if you dont mind my asking, how much were they? i really really love them.

Mallory replied over 15 years ago.

They were £80! But totally worth it :)

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

the shoes are gorgeos all of them

allisa replied about 14 years ago.

Hope it’s ok to link your blog to mine…:) thanks

JT replied almost 14 years ago.

You really inspire me!

Jaime replied almost 14 years ago.

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