02 August 07

My mum came back from Zürich and brought back Luxemburgerli from Confiserie Sprüngli in Zurich. They're like small macarons and possibly the most amazing things I've ever eaten. We went for sushi that night too and I was so full I thought I was going to burst.

This is my mum, the bringer of delicious food.



The night scene in the car is a great photo – I love the lights.

Lils replied over 15 years ago.

I adore the way your mother is dressed!
I love it! I wish more older women took more risks with fashion.

Millie replied over 15 years ago.

Thank you Lils!

Millie, I shall pass on the complement to my mum! She has amazing clothes, I’m often jealous. x

kris atomic replied over 15 years ago.

Oh I love Sprüngli too!
I’m originally from Zurich/Zürich :)
I ADORE YOUR BLOG – it’s the best one I’ve ever read.
Keep up your great work.

Mel replied over 13 years ago.

Your Mum is beautiful! And dresses like an Angel!

Lissy replied about 13 years ago.

she looks amaizing!!! muy bonita!!!!! love youre photos!!……. from Mexico

Marcela replied over 12 years ago.

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