Looking forward to autumn

14 August 07

I'm super excited for autumn since I never really got into this summer. The weather has been weird and I'm not going on any holidays, plus I'm paler than a stick of blackboard chalk. Autumn though, autumn I can get behind!
Especially since the sales are still on, every time I go shopping I'm automatically drawn to the shiny new stuff and not the pile of old rubbish. I bought a glorious pair of tweed-y grey shorts from See by Chloe that are going to be amazing with tights for autumn. And don't get me started on my obsession with brogues.

My favourite a/w runway look is the Balenciaga jacket, scarf and jodhpur-trouser combo. I love it so much.


Balenciaga jackets have the best tailoring ever!

ilyana replied over 15 years ago.

I love Autumn trends, must better than spring/summer sometimes! I recently bought the loveliest trench coat, i’m not sure if they are even “in” for A/W but I don’t care, I love it. :D

Lils replied over 15 years ago.

BROGUES! I love them too, so much. The cut of those Balenciaga blazers is amazing. I’m so excited about a/w this year, bring on the new stuff, I’m sick of the sales!

blair replied over 15 years ago.

Yes yes yes. The new Balenciaga stuff is all so gorgeous, I just swoon everytime I see it!

Lanna replied over 15 years ago.

Yes, Autumn! I cannot wait :D Best time of the year. Includes my birthday too.

Meg replied over 15 years ago.

The Balenciaga stuff is amazing, I was swooning over it in Vogue. Zara have got a very lovely ‘interpretation’ of the stripey blazer too that I might have to invest in, as I certainly can’t afford the real thing!

Tamsin replied over 15 years ago.

i loved the collection too!!! i couldn’t get enough of it!!! i’ve saved so many of the pictures off runway shots. and of course i can’t buy them, so i’m all intent on making one myself. i’ve been looking for the perfect material!

Gilda replied over 15 years ago.

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