London Coliseum

05 August 07

My mum, grandma and I went to La Bayadère at the Coliseum today which was epic and very beautiful. I loved that the ending was literally ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES. Excellent.
I'm now going to watch Center Stage (a surprisingly enjoyable film, I would recommend it!) which always makes me completely envious of ballet dancers and wish that my parents hadn't let me drop my ballet classes when I was nine :(



Fantastic photos, I particularly like the last one. :)

Lils replied over 16 years ago.

i love center stage! i used to watch at least times a week my senior year of high school. i just bought it on dvd since i was still using the vhs my mom bought me.

brit replied about 16 years ago.

Lils – Thank you!

Brit – I only had the vhs too! I downloaded it now though, finally. Such a good film!

kris atomic replied about 16 years ago.

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