Just got back from a weekend at Reading Festival

28 August 07

Lots more photos once I've had a bit of sleep!


is jealous

Maitreya replied about 16 years ago.

Absolutely stunning photos- you should be a photographer, too!

Nubby replied about 16 years ago.


what kind of camera do you use?

annchen replied about 16 years ago.

I love the clean air your photos always have, they always have a very bright quality. :)

I like the first photo a lot. :)

Lils replied about 16 years ago.

how on earth did you keep that camera safe at reading! i would have stapled it to myself

Ali replied about 16 years ago.

i was there last year! :) i went all the way from mexico just to see belle & sebastian. love the first pic!

Jo replied about 16 years ago.

ali – it was pretty easy! I just had it on my shoulder or in my bag (we weren’t staying in a tent, which helps safety-wise).

annchen – I use a canon 5d :)

thanks guys! x

kris atomic replied about 16 years ago.

is it look from the kooks on the wall picture???

I love your photography and your art :)

alex replied almost 16 years ago.

I feel as though I recognise that guy… does he live in Leeds?

Elle replied over 15 years ago.

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