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03 August 07

I did a set of nine paintings for a little while ago and they're now up on the site. I'm super excited. Some of them sold so quickly, there's only two left!

They did an interview with me on their blog too, you can click on the picture above to go there. What a cheesy picture, oh dear.

Here are the ladies all together:



Hey Kris, great to see you’ve got a blog, I read your lj but i’ll add this one too my feed reader too. Congratulations on the interview and all your great work. Best of luck in future. :) Lil x

Lils replied over 16 years ago.

Heya Kris! I read your LJ too, but I’m so glad you’ve got a proper site/blog up dedicated to your work – timely! :) I’ll link you on mine, if you don’t mind? Take care, cheers!

Michelle replied over 16 years ago.

Hi Michelle! Thank you :) and I’ll be very flattered to be linked. x

kris atomic replied over 16 years ago.

Miss Lils, thank you for your very nice words and congratulations on being my very first commenter! :D

kris atomic replied over 16 years ago.

Thank you for thanking me, lol. :) By the way, i’ve got your link on my blog, would you prefer if I linked your livejournal, this blog, or both?

Lils replied over 16 years ago.

This blog please! x

kris atomic replied about 16 years ago.

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