A little trip to Ham House

14 August 07

I live really near Ham House, but the last time I went was about seven years ago because we had to write an essay about it for school. It was built in 1610 and it's very fancypants and elaborate inside (though as far as grand buildings of the 17th century go, I'm much more of a Versailles girl) so I thought I'd have a walk around. It's crap that you can't take photos inside, what's that about? I did take lots of pictures of the grounds though, the gardens are beautiful.
Next on the agenda: Hampton Court Palace!



Wowee, what a great place, and beautiful photos too. :)

Lils replied about 16 years ago.

oh, i am going to hampton court soon! wud b pretty jokes to bump into u while both on a family day out

katie coleslaw (hiii) replied about 16 years ago.

Hampton Court is possibly one of the most amazing buildings ever. It also helps that i’m an absolute Tudor headcase (everything about that period kthnx) but seriously. Not only is it beautiful, it’s highly fascinating. Haven’t been for years – check out the chapel..it’s impressive stuff. As well as the hauntred gallery, ooh la la :)

lauren replied about 16 years ago.

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