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Rough puff Paris

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Litte bit behind schedule, but here’s my Paris phone photo diary.

Off to a soggy start, got caught in the rain without an umbrella on way too many occasions.

Everyone else was keeping it classy though, despite the precipitation.

Standard Paris shopping basket: milk, bread, wine, diet coke, yogurt, cheese, chocolate, crisps. I should start a healthy living blog!


Stayed in this enormous apartment with my pal Abi, which was excellent.

The closest I got to any parties was a glass of wine with my photo editing or a celebratory burger on the last day (was really into burgers on this trip).

Our apartment was in an area of wholesale clothes shops with extremely intriguing window displays and names like:

This Warholian one was my favourite though.

And the street leading up to the apartment was always full of deliveries and people throwing boxes around.

Got very fond of our neighbourhood though.

Mini garden!

Amazing tiny petrol station. In short, all the amenities.

It was just a short walk to Marais, too.

Ate some fucking awful sushi.

Did some walking, some people watching.

Spent lots of time in the Tuileries.

Went to Ladurée with Abi and Shini like good bloggers…

And had MINI BURGERS at LADUREE like a bad blogger (not as photogenic as ~macarons~ but so tasty).

Found Wally.

Hid from the rain, again.

Rain, rain, rain.

Paris was still beautiful though.

Shot some shows, this was at Elie Saab which was lacy and sequinned and gorgeous.

Got brainwashed into buying a Kenzo jumper after seeing everyone else in one. No regrets though, it’s been my favourite thing to wear in the last month.

Got a couple of lipsticks from the MAC Marilyn collection. Packaging is tacky as hell, but the lipsticks are good (Charmed I’m Sure is basically Ruby Woo without the awful dry formula FYI).

Popped in to Printemps.

Had a nutritious “salad”.

Got a taxi tour of Boulevard Périphérique at sunrise (quite moving in the emotional sense, for a dual-carriageway) en route to the Kenzo show.

Backstage at Kenzo, probably my favourite show of the season shooting-wise.





Went to Palais de Tokyo.

one of my favourite spaces

and the exhibitions are never boring

if occasionally a bit baffling.

Saw the Chloe exhibition.

And more importantly, the best museum book shop ever.

Look at all the kids books!

Want one of everything.

Had some working lie-ins (that’s picture editing in bed).

Took lots of typical Paris-y pictures of buildings

wall paintings, instagrammable flowers,

and a jolly Palais Brongniart.

Had a croque-monsieur opposite Chanel.

And then it was time to leave

lovely, rainy Paris

until next time!

Chloé Attitudes

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

My time in Paris a few weeks ago happily coincided with the opening of the Chloé Attitudes exhibition at Palais de Tokyo. One of my favourite fashion houses in one of my favourite museum spaces, obviously I was there on day one, with bells on, etc etc. The exhibition has a surprisingly small footprint, but packs in a hell of a lot from Chloé’s 60 year archive, cleverly curated by the brilliant Judith Clark (curator of the Anna Piaggi Fashion-ology at the V&A back in 2006, that I loved so much that I still think about it 6 years later). As well as sketches and photographs, the looks are presented thematically, not chronologically, which really accentuates the agelessness and easy wearability that has defined the brand throughout the decades. Chloé founder Gaby Aghion is actually credited with pioneering the concept of Ready to Wear (prêt-à-porter that is), which to my shame I didn’t know prior to this exhibition. Thanks Gaby!

The exhibition closes on the 18th of November, catch it if you can. Highly recommended.

Paris, City of Light

Monday, October 8th, 2012