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My family part III

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Possibly the most Ukrainian photo of all time, 1950

My grandma teaching in Odessa 1963/1970

My great-aunt Anya, I wish there were more photos of the house behind her!

My grandma and friends (I see why she loves when I do my hair in crown braids now)


My auntie on the right in a handmade costume


If my great-aunt was a young lady now, she’d totally be a fashion blogger.




I also made a little collection of the place/date stamps from some of the photos, I think they’re lovely:

My family, part II

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

By popular request, here are some more from my family archives!

My grandma on the right rocking the crown braid in 1957

My grandma and mum in the middle, 1982

My grandparents, aunt, uncle and my mum (the little one!) clearly had a “a look” for their family photos. The first photo is unlabelled, but the second is from 1971. Going by the kids, I’d guess about 5-6 years difference?

My grandpa in 1949, isn’t he handsome!


My grandma was a babe too. Early 1950s?

Sailor suit! The lady on the left is my great-grandmother.

Top two 1950s, bottom 1944


my mum and my grandma, 1964


My grandma’s class in 1960. So many flowers! Reminds me of September 1st (Knowledge Day) when everyone brings flowers for their teacher. On my first day at school I brought in some absolutely enormous purple gladioli. I got to choose them at a flower market the day before and I remember it being literally the most exciting day of my life at the time.

(I love how even in 1960 there’s always a kid in the back trying to be sassy!)

In fact, I think this one might actually be the 1st of September 1965. Flowers! Speeches! Bell ringing!

Not sure who these kids are because they’re not the right age to be any of my cousins? Mystery children in matching shorts, 1986.

My mum, her friend and my grandma eating watermelon on a beach in Odessa in 1983.

My family

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


While I was housesitting at my parents’ house a couple of weeks ago, I gave myself a little project to digitise all our really old family photos. Turns out it’s actually quite a time consuming ‘little’ project because scanning things as 600DPI TIFFs takes F O R E V E R, so I’m only a little way through the 3 albums and bag of loose photos that my mum dug out. It has to be done though, because they are fading fast (the 70s and 80s colour prints seem particularly bad, some of my baby photos are basically a red tinted blur) and to lose them would be a terrible shame.

Most of these are of my grandma in Ukraine and Russia. There’s a running joke in my family that she doesn’t age / has a TARDIS because she’s looked identical since the 1960s, so I love trying to guess the dates (which helpfully are written on the back of most prints). Let me know if you guys want to see more, because I can’t decide if this is really self-indulgent and I’m the only person who would possibly be interested? I love other people’s old photos though!




1950 / date unknown




1971 (second from the right is my mum at 13!)


1956 / 1953






date unknown (this photo is amazing, I love the kid looking straight at the camera. My grandma was a teacher, so this was probably her class)