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Fashion Week Faves: Ashish

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Thank god for Ashish on the last day of LFW, a hit of sequins is exactly what your sleep deprived eyes need just then. Ashish is always a blast, what else is there to say? I want one of those multi coloured leopard sequined biker jackets pretty bad, that’s what. And a great big BE HAPPY jumper too. Fingers crossed for the Topshop range?

(Full gallery of my photos here)

Fashion week faves: Meadham Kirchhoff

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I spent most of London Fashion Week either going on about how much I was looking forward to Meadham Kirchhoff or beaming about how much I loved it. After seeing photos of last year’s all-dancing pastel extravaganza I was totally thrilled to be invited by Luisa Via Roma to come and illustrate my favourite looks from the show. The photo pit had the security of the average Presidential state visit, but I ended up getting a pretty great spot halfway down the runway. Happily, the girls stopped right there to fling glitter from their pockets and have a bit of disco dance, so it was perfect. Everyone’s faces were basically the human embodiment of the ^__________^ emoticon for the whole show (trust me, for day 5 when everyone is exhausted, that is basically unbridled joy right there). Anyway, there’s no point me gushing on, you can see way more of my photos here!

All photos and drawings are mine. Thank you Luisa Via Roma for taking me along!

Fashion week faves: meanwhile, in the real world

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Opposite Somerset house yesterday.