July 6th, 2010

In the last year Andrew and I shot a few weddings, had the best time and got pretty excited about doing more. I’m dying to do an outdoors-y wedding abroad at some point… I don’t know why weddings get a bad rep in the ~photography community~, they’re so much fun! Maybe some people are doing it wrong.

Anyway, we’re working on setting up a special site for our joint endeavours, but until that’s done I’ve uploaded a small selection of my photos on my portfolio site. Let me know what you think! And of course, if you’re getting married and want to see more or hire us, you can email me!

For those who asked, Krissi’s dress is by Morgane Le Fay.



  1. jen says:

    fantastic photos.


  2. Loraine Ross says:

    Hey Kris,

    Just seen your wedding work. It’s beautiful! I started shooti ng weddings last year and I love it. I’m pretty picky aobut the clients I choose though as I think it helps a lot when you get along with them really well and it makes it a lot more fun.

    It’s deffo really hard work though – 12 hours shooting without proper breaks then a huge mass of editing but its so rewarding when the brides are thrilled with pics.

    I’m so fed up of looking at local photogs work that is so contrived and every wedding has the same generic shots and poses. I love candid style shots like yours.

    All the best with the weddings :)



  3. Sophie says:

    Easily the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen – you’ve captured the moments perfectly! You’d be one of my dream photographers to have at my (dream) wedding! x


  4. Marina says:

    Soooo beautiful! Who made the second dress?


  5. Yay to great wedding photography! I have only recently came across your wedding photography work (though I have been a fan of your illustrations for a while now) so it is great to see such thrilling results in a different area of creativity.

    Yup, wedding photography is a tough kind of work but I have just shot a big fashion campaign, with 30 people crew and after I finished I realised how great shooting weddings actually is, how free and creative one can be as a photographer! So congratulations and good luck with this side of the visual business!



  6. […] cred: 1 {kris atomic} 2 {melissa sweet by our labor of love via once wed} 3 {julie chidichimo by love me […]

  7. nice and cool wedding reportage


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