Fifi Lapin and Pals

January 2nd, 2008

I recently bought the above prints of Fifi Lapin wearing Chloe and I’m pretty thrilled with them. The etsy shop is unfortunately closed for the winter, but will be back in April so form a queue in an orderly fashion. In the meantime, there’s still the blog and flickr.  Here are some of my other favourites:


  1. Berry says:

    ooh how fabulous! i always wanted to buy a fifi print, it’s just so fun.
    those will look great in your new space.


  2. catharina says:

    Love it! just love it:)


  3. Lils says:

    These really are so cute. :) I love the one with the furry jacket and huge glasses, it reminds me a bit of Edie Sedgwick. :P


  4. Lils says:

    P.S I love the new favicon – the red on white “K” is so cute. :P


  5. haha, these are fabulous. where are you going to hang them?


  6. kris atomic says:

    Lils – Yay, you noticed my favicon! :) I’m glad you like it and that it works because it was a right pain in the bum!

    joanna goddard – I’m going to frame them in white frames and put them on the wall behind my bed. I want to get a little art gallery going on there. I’ll be sure to post a picture when it’s up. x


  7. saltie says:

    but what about dick bruno and miffy?


  8. emma says:

    haha this is so nice and inspiring! (both those rabbitdrawings and yer site)…!


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