Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2008

I don’t do resolutions, I’m just excited to use my 2008 planner!

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  1. Berry says:

    I am so with you!! Just an hour left here then I am ripping my
    planner open hee.


  2. czina says:

    hmmm 2008 packed in red!

    happy new year…and all the best to your fabulous blog!


  3. Lils says:

    Happy New Year Kris, I hope 2008 brings good things. :)
    I love your planner, red is my favourite colour. :D


  4. Happy New year with your Moleskine diary Kris !!
    Best wishes for you & your blog, so many excitings things to come in 2008… :)


  5. annso says:

    okay, now i’m really jealous of your desk! Happy new year!


  6. annah says:

    mmmm…that looks like the most beautiful thing ever…


  7. Dark Green says:

    Something I read recently over at Plenty Magazine (http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/notebook/) seems hugely relevant for some reason: “My life… is over scheduled, over hurried, over done. Nature, however, is in no hurry. Everything comes in its own time, its own season—there are few long range goals.” Long-range planning and time management, it is said, are irrelevant to all but .00003 percent of animals. Moral: Lighten up… ditch the planner. You could find you earn yourself a happy new year.


  8. kris atomic says:

    Dark Green – that’s a lovely sentiment and I definitely appreciate it.
    However, without a planner I struggle to achieve the most simple of daily tasks. Were I to abandon my planner completely, I would literally never get anything done. This isn’t about long-range planning and time management, this is about remembering to return my library books, order new contact lenses, meet my best friend for coffee at 12.30 and attend a lecture in three weeks time! :)


  9. Dark Green says:

    Hmm.. Indeed. That’s a lot of life. Now I feel bad, because if your planner gets lost, your life will be in ruins, and you’ll think it’s all down to me… I’ll then have to buy a new one (even though all I did was leave a comment on your blog) and you’ll be saying, “that’s really sweet of you, but it was what’s inside the planner that really mattered, because without that I CAN’T FUNCTION!!!, and I’ll be, like, I am Soooo Sorry!!!, but it still won’t be good enough… so I’ll have to go throw myself off the roof… and I’ll die! And why? Because you trusted too much stuff to a moleskin planner that I didn’t buy you in the first place – though, come to think of it, if I had, I would have bought you a back up… which shows that the person that did buy it doesn’t really care about you after all, which, when you think about that too, means that your gratitude was either misplaced, or a facade (because you know they don’t care but you wanna keep getting gifts from them). What can I say? I just feel soooo bad because the repercussions are huge and the price just seems too high now! I just wish I hadn’t left the comment in the first place. Forgive me… please, forgive me.

    PS: Nice pen though!


  10. kris atomic says:

    Dark Green – I don’t even know what to say to that! I wasn’t being sarcastic or anything.


  11. Light Green says:

    It’s OK – I’m over it now.


  12. lottie says:

    I have that diary too.. still need a matching pen though!


  13. rep says:

    Kris, wow, that was a hell of a comment Dark Green wrote. Nut-jobs can come careening out of nowhere! You certainly didn’t do anything to warrant that assault!
    Enjoy your planner!! It’s nice to keep things in order as much as possible.

    Dark Green, you must have a difficult life, but certainly it is a life substantially easier than the lives around you — people that must deal with the scat you spit around with your ramblings. Have you no shame? DG, you sound like you are in dire need of psych help :(


  14. Chelle says:


    I know I’m a bit late in commenting on this post, but I couldn’t help but notice the lovely pen. Where did you get it from?


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