Christmas day

December 27th, 2007

I hope you had a lovely one :)


  1. Sara says:

    little gnome lights!
    gorgeous spread, lovely space…

    merry christmas. :o)


  2. carlos says:

    awe how cute. what’d you get for christmas?


  3. pom says:



  4. Khairil says:

    I know this has probably been asked countless times before, but I was wondering what camera and lenses do you use? The quality of these photos are wonderful!

    And you have a fantastic space.


  5. Lils says:

    These photos are lovely Kris, as usual of course. :) How do you get such a clean image? Do you use flash? Anyway, I had a lovely day too, thanks for asking. :P Best of luck for 2008 when it arrives. x

    P.S Yay for your annual Christmas post, Christmas internet-wise isn’t the same without it!


  6. Mila says:

    Looks so nice and sweet! I hope you had a great Christmas.
    Beautiful pictures! :)


  7. Tove says:

    Oh my, those strawberries and raspberries look wonderful!


  8. Falcon says:

    Ugh, these photographs are amazing!


  9. Emilie says:

    I don’t like fake Christmas trees, but I liked yours. I think it’s the gnome lights that did it.

    The Marimekko bowls are lovely. I’ve got a couple of them too.


  10. Oh wow I am absolutely smitten with these photos and the space! Can I come spend christmas with you next year? haha


  11. jöana says:

    i’ve been checking your blog like three times a day wishing to see photos of your christmas. here they are now and, as i knew they would, they make me so jealous of you! damn you girl, do you live in wonderland or something?! i bet you had a nice christmas!


  12. forevergirl says:

    do you live in a home decorating magazine or something? wow.


  13. Danica says:

    Everything looks so lovely! Do you happen to know where those wine glasses are from?


  14. Lovisa says:

    Lovely pictures! I love you appartment its’s so bright and pretty! Happy Holidays <3


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